Tubular Enclosure and Switchgear Heaters

Tubular Enclosure and Switchgear Heaters
  • Several Standard Models in Stock
  • UL and CSA Component Recognized
  • Optional Adjustable Ambient Thermostat 0-107°F (-18 to 42°C)
  • Custom Designs Available

Type TEH Tubular Enclosure Heaters and General Purpose Air Heaters are used for freeze protection and condensate protection in electrical enclosures and switchgear. They can also be installed in equipment to keep mechanical components functioning in applications such as valve enclosures and line metering.

Freeze or condensate protection in enclosures containing mechanical and electronic equipment, such as: temperature control panels, control valve housings, ATMs, traffic signal boxes, and line metering enclosures.

  • Element construction features Nichrome A resistance wire, high grade MgO and Incoloy sheath to ensure long life
  • Moisture resistant terminal seal
  • Standard Wattages to 400 watts, higher custom wattages available
  • Multiple enclosure configurations for versatile mounting
  • Optional ambient sensing adjustable thermostat
  • Standard 8-32 Screw terminals or 1/4” Quick Disconnect for lead wire connection
  • Galvanized sheet metal cover to prevent corrosion
  • Optional terminal cover to prevent incidental contact

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058616 TEH-A-100W-120V-O-O-O-D Buy Now
058624 TEH-A-100W-240V-O-O-O-D Buy Now
058632 TEH-A-150W-120V-O-O-O-D Buy Now
058640 TEH-A-150W-240V-O-O-O-D Buy Now
058659 TEH-A-250W-120V-O-O-O-D Buy Now
058667 TEH-A-250W-240V-O-O-O-D Buy Now
058675 TEH-A-300W-120V-O-O-O-D Buy Now
058683 TEH-A-300W-240V-O-O-O-D Buy Now
058691 TEH-A-350W-120V-O-O-O-D Buy Now
058704 TEH-A-350W-240V-O-O-O-T Buy Now
058712 TEH-A-400W-120V-O-O-O-T Buy Now
058720 TEH-A-400W-240V-O-O-O-T Buy Now
058739 TEH-A-100W-120V-O-O-A-T Buy Now
058747 TEH-A-100W-240V-O-O-A-T Buy Now
058755 TEH-A-150W-120V-O-O-A-T Buy Now
058763 TEH-A-150W-240V-O-O-A-T Buy Now
058771 TEH-A-250W-120V-O-O-A-T Buy Now
058780 TEH-A-250W-240V-O-O-A-T Buy Now
058798 TEH-A-300W-120V-O-O-A-T Buy Now
058800 TEH-A-300W-240V-O-O-A-T Buy Now
058819 TEH-A-350W-120V-O-O-A-T Buy Now
058827 TEH-A-350W-240V-O-O-A-T Request a Quote
058835 TEH-A-400W-120V-O-O-A-T Buy Now
058843 TEH-A-400W-240V-O-O-A-T Request a Quote
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