Fintube Heaters - FTS-475

Fintube Heaters - FTS-475
  • Steel Sheath
  • 475 - 10, 000 Watts (Dia. 0.475")
  • 120, 240 and 480 Volt
  • 60 W/In2
  • 750°F Max. Sheath Temp.
  • Third-party certifications: cRUus, CSA

The metal sheath isolates and protects the resistor wire from the environment. At the same time it maximizes heat transfer capability to the work. Fintube® elements can be bent to put the heat where it works best.

Fins greatly increase surface area and permit faster heat transfer to the air, resulting in lower element surface temperatures. High watt density permits use of fewer elements and a higher concentration of installed kW for a given area.

Fintube® heaters are ideal for both comfort and industrial process air applications.

Best suited for the following applications where space is limited.

  • Drying
  • Heat Tracing
  • Annealing
  • Load Banks
  • Curing Ovens, Dryers, Ducts, etc.

Type 4 Terminals — Standard. Integral parts of the element are of high strength to resist bending during tightening of the wiring connections. Type 4 terminal is a threaded extension of the cold pin. See standard terminal detail in the FT Series Overview.

Work Temperatures — See Allowable Watt Density & Heater Selection Graphs G-151 through G-156 in Technical section of this catalog.

Bending — Customer’s minimum bending radius, see Factory and Customer Bending Table in the FT Series Overview.

Stainless Steel Sheath — Optional. Contact your Local Chromalox Sales office.

Special Features — Sheath material, threaded fittings, length, volts, watts, brackets, etc. Contact your Local Chromalox Sales office for price and availability.

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334019 FTS-012475 120V1P .475KW Buy Now
334027 FTS-015475 120V1P .725KW Buy Now
334051 FTS-024475120V1P1.450KW Buy Now
334060 FTS-024475240V1P1.450KW Buy Now
334094 FTS-036475120V1P2.450KW Buy Now
334107 FTS-036475240V1P2.450KW Buy Now
334131 FTS-048475240V1P3.450KW Buy Now
334158 FTS-063475 240V 1P 5KW Buy Now
334190 FTS-086475240V1P7.000KW Buy Now
334203 FTS-086475480V1P7.000KW Buy Now
334254 FTS-119475240V1P10.000KW Buy Now
334262 FTS-119475480V1P10.000KW Buy Now
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