Finstrip® Air Heater

Finstrip® Air Heater
  • Rust-Resisting Iron or Chrome Steel Sheath
  • 250 - 4,150 Watts
  • 120 and 240 Volt
  • Single Phase
  • 225 - 565°F Max. Work Temp.
  • 1-1/2" Strip with Fins 2" Wide
  • Third-party certifications: UL Recognized, CSA, DVE

  • Mount across Air Stream within Forced Air Ducts
  • Use in Dryers, Ovens and other Process Air Heating Equipment
  • Comfort Heating in Ducts, Load Banks and Humidity Controls
  • Many Air Blast and Convection requirements can be accommodated by the wide range of lengths, wattages and watt densities available.

Selection Guidelines

Maximum Work Temperatures — Finstrip® elements can generally be used in the applications above, at maximum temperatures, without exceeding their capability, if properly installed according to instructions packed with heater.

Air Velocity (ft/sec.) Max. Outlet Air Temp. (°F)
Iron Sheath Chrome Steel Sheath
Free Air 225 315
16 460 565

Note - Maximum temperatures are based on 15 W/In2 density for iron sheath and 20 W/In2 density for chrome steel sheath. If elements have a lower watt density, work temperature may be increased; if watt density is higher, work temperature should be lower.

See Allowable Watt Density & Finstrip® Heater Selection Graphs G-107S and G-108S in the Technical section of this catalog.

Durability is assured by rugged Chromalox strip heater with locked-on aluminized steel fins.

Rapid Heat Transfer to air from large finned area.

Large Selection of lengths, wattages and watt densities.


Secondary Insulation Bushings are needed at each end of Finstrip® elements when connected in series on line voltages 300V and above. To accommodate bushings, a 17/32 x 11/16" mounting hole in tabs should be specified for elements. A secondary bushing set (PCN 255716) should be specified. Each set includes two bushings and hardware for one heater.

Removable Terminal Covers (OT-AC-1) — Shipped unassembled (PCN 129242).

Ceramic Post Terminal Insulators — Nickel plated steel hardware (PCN 259805). Stainless Steel hardware (PCN 255732).

Extra Long Finstrips — Available in 48, 54, 64 or 72" length.

MONEL® Sheath and Fins — Contact your Local Chromalox Sales office for price and availability.

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Part # Description  
128004 OTF-10 120V 250W Buy Now
128012 OTF-10 120V 350W Buy Now
128020 OTF-10 120V 600W Buy Now
128039 OTF-10 240V 250W Buy Now
128047 OTF-10 240V 350W Buy Now
128055 OTF-10 240V 600W Buy Now
128063 OTF-12 120V 500W Buy Now
128071 OTF-12 120V 750W Buy Now
128080 OTF-12 240V 250W Buy Now
128098 OTF-12 240V 500W Buy Now
128100 OTF-12 240V 750W Buy Now
128119 OTF-14 120V 900W Buy Now
128127 OTF-14 240V 500W Buy Now
128135 OTF-14 240V 900W Buy Now
128143 OTF-15 120V 325W Buy Now
128151 OTF-15 120V 1000W Buy Now
128160 OTF-15 240V 1000W Buy Now
128178 OTF-18 120V 500W Buy Now
128186 OTF-18 120V 1000W Buy Now
128194 OTF-18 120V 1300W Buy Now
128207 OTF-18 240V 500W Buy Now
128215 OTF-18 240V 1000W Buy Now
128223 OTF-18 240V 1300W Buy Now
128231 OTF-19 120V 1500W Buy Now
128240 OTF-19 240V 1000W Buy Now
128258 OTF-19 240V 1500W Buy Now
128266 OTF-21 240V 1000W Buy Now
128274 OTF-21 240V 1550W Buy Now
128282 OTF-24 240V 750W Buy Now
128290 OTF-24 240V 1000W Buy Now
128303 OTF-24 240V 1800W Buy Now
128311 OTF-100 120V 475W Buy Now
128320 OTF-100 120V 725W Buy Now
128338 OTF-100 240V 350W Buy Now
128346 OTF-100 240V 475W Buy Now
128354 OTF-100 240V 725W Buy Now
128362 OTF-120 120V 700W Buy Now
128370 OTF-120 120V 900W Buy Now
128389 OTF-120 240V 700W Buy Now
128397 OTF-120 240V 900W Buy Now
128400 OTF-140 120V 750W Buy Now
128418 OTF-140 120V 1100W Buy Now
128426 OTF-140 240V 750W Buy Now
128433 OTF-140 240V 1100W Buy Now
128442 OTF-150 240V 850W Buy Now
128450 OTF-150 240V 1250W Buy Now
128469 OTF-180 240V 750W Buy Now
128477 OTF-180 240V 1000W Buy Now
128485 OTF-180 240V 1550W Buy Now
128493 OTF-190 208V 1000W Buy Now
128506 OTF-190 240V 1000W Buy Now
128514 OTF-190 240V 1250W Buy Now
128522 OTF-190 240V 1700W Buy Now
128530 OTF-210 240V 750W Buy Now
128549 OTF-210 240V 1250W Buy Now
128557 OTF-210 240V 1900W Buy Now
128565 OTF-240 240V 1000W Buy Now
128573 OTF-240 240V 1450W Buy Now
128581 OTF-240 240V 2200W Buy Now
128602 OTF-25 240V 1250W Buy Now
128610 OTF-25 240V 2000W Buy Now
128629 OTF-26 120V 700W Buy Now
128637 OTF-26 240V 700W Buy Now
128645 OTF-26 240V 1350W Buy Now
128653 OTF-26 240V 2000W Buy Now
128670 OTF-30 240V 2350W Buy Now
128688 OTF-36 240V 1000W Buy Now
128696 OTF-36 240V 1800W Buy Now
128709 OTF-36 240V 2850W Buy Now
128717 OTF-38 120V 3100W Buy Now
128725 OTF-38 240V 3100W Buy Now
128733 OTF-43 240V 3450W Buy Now
128750 OTF-250 240V 1500W Buy Now
128768 OTF-250 240V 2400W Buy Now
128776 OTF-260 240V 1600W Buy Now
128784 OTF-260 240V 2500W Buy Now
128792 OTF-300 240V 1800W Buy Now
128805 OTF-300 240V 2800W HKL Buy Now
128813 OTF-330 120V 3150W Buy Now
128821 OTF-330 240V 3150W Buy Now
128830 OTF-360 240V 1500W Buy Now
128848 OTF-360 240V 2300W Buy Now
128856 OTF-360 240V 3450W Buy Now
128864 OTF-380 240V 2450W Buy Now
128872 OTF-380 240V 3600W Buy Now
128880 OTF-430 240V 4150W Buy Now
128944 OTF-330 240V 2100W Buy Now
128952 OTF-30 240V 1500W Buy Now
128960 OTF-38 240V 2000W Buy Now
128979 OTF-480 240V 2250W Buy Now
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