.315" Dia. Single End Fintube® Heaters - SFTI-315

.315" Dia. Single End Fintube® Heaters - SFTI-315
  • MONEL® Sheath
  • 325 - 2,400 Watts
  • 120 and 240 Volt
  • 60 W/In²
  • 900°F Max. Sheath Temp.
  • Third-party certifications: UL Recognized, CSA

Versatile — Ideal for both comfort and industrial process air applications.

Single-End Terminals simplify wiring and eliminate the need for return wire.

Install More Elements in Same Space as standard, double-end Fintube®.

No Bending required to put all terminals in the same plane.

Smaller Heating Duct or Chamber in some cases.

Construction — Element is constructed like the standard single-end tubular element with the addition of continuous spiral fins (4 - 5 per inch) permanently furnace brazed to the sheath.

Fins greatly increase surface area and permit faster heat transfer to the air, resulting in lower element surface temperatures.

High Watt Density permits use of fewer elements or higher concentration of installed kW for a given area.

Lead Wires, 10" long, with silicone-impregnated Fiberglas® sleeves. Maximum wire temperature is 200°C.

Leads are attached to terminals inside a ceramic terminal bushing.

Best suited for the following applications where space is limited.

  • Drying
  • Heat Treating
  • Annealing
  • Load Banks
  • Curing Ovens, Dryers, Ducts, etc.
  • Applications Tips

    Terminal Block should be on outside of duct or heating area.

    Element Supports should be provided for every two feet of element length.

    Work Temperatures — See Allowable Watt Density & Heater Selection Graphs G-151 through G-156 in Technical section.

    Special Features — Sheath material, threaded fittings, length, volts, watts, brackets, etc. Contact your Local Chromalox Sales office for price and availability.

    Bending is not recommended for single end elements. Contact your Local Chromalox Sales office.

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222640 SFTI-12315 120V 325 W Buy Now
222658 SFTI-12315 240V 325 W Buy Now
222666 SFTI-16315 120V 500 W Buy Now
222674 SFTI-16315 240V 500 W Buy Now
222682 SFTI-20315 120V1P .700KW Request a Quote
222690 SFTI-20315 240V1P .700KW Request a Quote
222703 SFTI-24315 120V1P 1.200KW Request a Quote
222711 SFTI-24315240V1150W Buy Now
222720 SFTI-28315120V1200W Buy Now
222738 SFTI-28315 240V1P 1.300KW Request a Quote
222746 SFTI-32315 120V1P 1.200KW Request a Quote
222754 SFTI-32315 240V 1600W Buy Now
222762 SFTI-36315 120V1P 1.200KW Request a Quote
222770 SFTI-36315 240V1P 1.900KW Request a Quote
222789 SFTI-40315 120V1P 1.200KW Request a Quote
222797 SFTI-40315 240V1P 2.200KW Request a Quote
222800 SFTI-44315 120V1P 1.200KW Request a Quote
222818 SFTI-44315 240V1P 2.250KW Request a Quote
222826 SFTI-48315 120V1P 1.200KW Request a Quote
222834 SFTI-48315 240V1P 2.400KW Request a Quote
222842 SFTI-52315 120V1P 1.200KW Request a Quote
222850 SFTI-52315 240V1P 2.400KW Request a Quote
222869 SFTI-56315 120V1P 1.150KW Request a Quote
222877 SFTI-56315 240V1P 2.400KW Request a Quote
222885 SFTI-60315 120V1P 1.075KW Request a Quote
222893 SFTI-60315 240V 2400W Buy Now
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