Silicone Rubber Insulated General Purpose Heater

Silicone Rubber Insulated General Purpose Heater
  • Standard Pre-Designed Sizes and Ratings
  • Most Models Stocked
  • Square, Rectangular and Round Shapes
  • Chemical and Moisture Resistant
  • 10" Leads
  • Flexible
  • Standard 1" Square to 12" W x 48" L in 120 Volts
  • Custom Designed Models Available
  • Third-party certifications: CSA, cRU

Standard Chromalox Silicone Rubber heaters are pre-designed and available in a wide array of sizes and ratings to meet customer needs. Some models are stocked and can be shipped within 24 hours from receipt of your order. All standard models incorporate 10" silicone insulated stranded lead wire. Stocked items can be modified to include pressure sensitive adhesive but, will require additional lead time.

  • Standard Thickness Ranges from 0.030" to 0.060" except at Lead Pad which is 0.15" Thick Depending on Design.
  • Standard Resistance Tolerance is +10%, -5%.
  • Silicon Rubber Material Temperature Range -80°F to +390°F

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Part # Description  
121515 SL-N-1-05-0-10-S-120V-25W Buy Now
121523 SL-N-1-10-0-10-S-120V-50W Buy Now
121540 SLN-1-20-O-10-S-120V-100W Buy Now
121566 SL-N-1-30-0-10-S-120V-150 Buy Now
121582 SL-N-1-40-0-10-S-120V-200 Buy Now
121590 SL-N-1-80-0-10-S-120V-400 Buy Now
121611 SL-N-2-2-0-10-120V-20W Buy Now
121620 SLN-2-5-0-10-120V-50W Buy Now
121638 SL-N-2-10-0-10-120V-100W Buy Now
121646 SLN-2-15-0-10-120V-150W Buy Now
121654 SL-N-2-20-0-10-S-120V-200 Buy Now
121662 SL-N-2-20-0-10-S-240V-200 Buy Now
121726 SL-N-3-05-0-10-S-120V-75W Buy Now
121734 SL-N-3-10-0-10-S-120V-150 Buy Now
121742 SLN-3-15-O-10-120V-225W Buy Now
121769 SL-N-3-20-0-10-S-120V-300 Buy Now
121777 SL-N-3-20-0-10-S-240V-300 Buy Now
121785 SL-N-3-25-0-10-S-120V-375 Buy Now
121814 SL-N-3-40-0-10-S-120V-600 Buy Now
121822 SL-N-4-10-0-10-S-120V-200 Buy Now
121849 SL-N-5-10-0-10-S-120V-250 Buy Now
121857 SLN-5-15-O-10-120V-375W Buy Now
121865 SL-N-5-20-0-10-S-120V-500 Buy Now
121873 SL-N-6-15-0-10-S-120V-450 Buy Now
121881 SL-N-6-20-O-10-120V-600W Buy Now
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