High Temperature Multiple Zone Heaters

chromalox multizone
High temperature industrial heating processes have very few heating element options because of frequently demanding environmental challenges, as well as unique size and installation requirements. Chromalox MaxiZone product technology was developed to provide real solutions for demanding large scale industrial environments at power plants, chemical processing plants, thermal remediation of contaminated soil at oil & gas well heads and fracking sites. Aircraft manufacturing for titanium forming and bonding requires extremely high operating temperatures with exceptionally closely controlled thermal profiles across the press platens. Multiple zone heating element technology is ideally suited for these high temperature press platens because the element’s independent heating zones enable individual zone control that yields tight temperature profiles on the platen surface. Aluminum, lead, Zinc and other metal melting and extrusion processes require very high temperature heaters that must be fit into refractory materials that do not permit standard conduction close-fit installation, but, rather rely on a radiant/convective heat transfer process, making MaxiZone technology an ideal choice. Many applications in Energy focused projects, chemical processes or metal and glass processing require large heat sources – both in physical size and aggregate wattage output. MaxiZone heating elements can be made up to 16 feet (4.88 m) in length and can be designed with wattages up to 10 kW.
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MaxiZone Heaters

Maxi-Zone Heaters are our most rugged of our insertion heaters. These heaters can achieve continuous sheath temperatures to 2000°F (1095°C). The Inconel 600 sheath allows efficient operation at extreme temperatures.