MaxiZone® High Temperature Insertion Cartridge Heater

MaxiZone® High Temperature Insertion Cartridge Heater
  • Working Temperatures from 1500˚F to 1800˚F (815˚C to 982˚C)
  • Inconel® 600 Sheath
  • Exact, Uniform Temperatures with 2 or 3 Independently Controllable Zones
  • Radiant Heat Transfer Allows Undersized Heaters for Easy Removal and Replacement
  • Special Bending Capabilities
  • Standard Diameter 0.495” (12.5 mm), 0.685 (17.4 mm) and 0.935” (23.75 mm) with Lengths of 18 Inches (457 mm) to 15 Feet (4572 mm)
  • Quick Disconnect Plug and Jack

  • Zone control in high temperature platens
  • Titanium or carbon fiber hot forming process (super plastic)
  • Aerospace, aircraft manufacturing
  • Metal die casting
  • Super heated gas
  • Fluidized beds catalytic reaction.

Chromalox® MaxiZone® high-temperature electric commercial heaters produce continuous sheath temperatures up to 2,000ºF (1,095ºC). They are designed to achieve precise, uniform temperatures with two or three independently controlled heating zones along the length of the sheath. Radiant heat transfer enables MaxiZone heaters to be smaller than the openings in which they are to be placed for easy insertion and removal.

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