Half & Full Sheath Disc Heater

Half & Full Sheath Disc Heater
  • Solid Disc Design
  • 150 - 600 Watts
  • 120 and 240 Volt
  • Full and Half Sheath Available
  • Use Ring Clamp 6018 to Mount Element to Heated Surface
  • Third-party certifications: UL Recognized (full sheath only), CSA (half & full sheath), VDE (full sheath only), CE (full sheath only)

Single-Heat Discs — Have two terminals for single wattage on-off switch or thermostat.

Three-Heat Discs — Have three terminals that split the heater into 2 equal circuits. Center terminal is common.

Easy Installation — Circular shape and use of Mounts with Bolt or Studs simplifies use of disc heaters.

Half Sheath Units Have Reduced Thermal Gradient to Heated Surface — Provides faster heat up.

Nest Disc in Ring heaters - to pack heat in small area.

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129306 HSP-30 1D 120V1P 600W Buy Now
143108 HSP-310-3 HT D120V1P 400W Buy Now
143116 HSP-310 HT D 240V1P 400W Buy Now
185930 HSP-2 120V 150W IRON Buy Now
185949 HSP-2.75 IRDHS120V1P 250W Buy Now
185957 HSP-3 ID HS 120V1P 200W Buy Now
185965 HSP-3 ID HS 120V1P 400W Buy Now
185973 HSP-3-3 ID HS 120V1P 150W Buy Now
185981 HSP-30-3 HTDHS120V1P 400W Buy Now
255513 HSP-31 1D 120V1P 400W Buy Now
255521 HSP-31 240V 400W IKL Buy Now
255530 HSP-31-3 1D 120V1P 400W Buy Now
274191 HSP-20 1D 120V1P 250W Buy Now
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