Explosion-Proof Strip Heaters

Explosion-Proof Strip Heaters
  • 32-3/4 - 128-3/4" Lengths
  • 110 - 1,100 Watts
  • 120, 208, 240, 277 and 480 Volt
  • Temperature Code T3 (for Class 1, Div. 1, Groups B, C, D) - 9 W/In²
  • UL Listed

For coal, ore, resins and other bulk handling equipment.

Explosion-Proof Applications- (Class I, Group C and D) chemical and petrochemical plants, tanks, large pipes, control cabinets, resin material handling equipment, aggregate and other bulk raw material processors.

UL Listed for use in Division I, Class I, Groups B, C, D; hazardous locations.

Integral manual reset.
Overtemperature cutout.

Freeze Protection — Particularly effective when installed at the mouth of the mine where warm moist air and coal or ore are first exposed to cold outside air, causing condensation and subsequent freezing at temperatures below 32°F. Conveyor heaters prevent such freezing, keeping the conveyors in uninterrupted operation.

Easy System Start-Up in freezing weather.

Keeps Resins and Process Liquids Free- Flowing regardless of ambient temperature.

Long Life Operation — Heaters, inserted into solid aluminum body, resist physical damage from rough handling and/or contact with process material (Patented design).

Mounting — Channel in extrusion facilitates mounting to any surface. Clamps are supplied or bolt holes can be drilled through extrusion plate.

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235213 AEPS-024-220-917 120V220W Buy Now
235221 AEPS-024-220-917 240V220W Buy Now
235222 AEPS-060-550-917208V550W Buy Now
235230 AEPS-036-330-917 120V330W Buy Now
235248 AEPS-036-330-917240V330W Buy Now
235256 AEPS-048-440-917120V440W Buy Now
235264 AEPS-048-440-917240V440W Buy Now
235280 AEPS-060-550-917240V550W Buy Now
235299 AEPS-072-660-917 208V 660W Request a Quote
235301 AEPS-072-660-917 240V 660 Buy Now
235310 AEPS-084-770-917208V770W Buy Now
235328 AEPS-084-770-917240V770W Buy Now
235336 AEPS-096-880-917240V880W Buy Now
235344 AEPS-096-880-917480V880W Buy Now
235352 AEPS-108-990-917 277V 990W Request a Quote
235360 AEPS-108-990-917 480V 990W Request a Quote
235379 AEPS-120-1100-917277V1100 Buy Now
235387 AEPS-120-1100-917 480V Buy Now
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