3/4" Wide High Temperature - NSL

3/4" Wide High Temperature - NSL
  • Lead Wires, One End
  • 12-1/2 - 54" Lengths
  • 500 - 3,000 Watts
  • 120, 240 and 480 Volt
  • One-Piece INCOLOY® Sheath
  • 24 - 38 W/In2
  • 1500°F Max. Sheath Temp.
  • CSA Group Compliance

Strip heaters are used for heat transfer by conduction or convection to heat liquids, air, gases and surfaces. See guidelines in the Strip Heater Overview.

One-piece strip heaters are supplied without mounting tabs as standard.

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Part # Description  
144928 NSL-1807 240V1P 750W Buy Now
144936 NSL-2401 240V1P 1200W Buy Now
144944 NSL-2601 240V1P 1400W Buy Now
144952 NSL-3301 240V1P 1500W Buy Now
144960 NSL-3601 240V1P 1850W Buy Now
165462 NSL-1205 120V1P 500W Buy Now
165470 NSL-1205 240V1P 500W Buy Now
165489 NSL-1405 120V1P 500W Buy Now
165497 NSL-1405 240V1P 500W Buy Now
165518 NSL-1505 240V1P 500W Buy Now
165550 NSL-1505 120V1P 500W Buy Now
165526 NSL-1807 120V1P 750W Buy Now
165534 NSL-1801 120V1P 1000W Buy Now
165542 NSL-1801 240V1P 1000W Buy Now
165876 NSL-1801 480V 1000W Buy Now
165569 NSL-1901 120V 1000W Buy Now
165577 NSL-1901 240V1P 1000W Buy Now
165585 NSL-1901 480V 1000W Buy Now
165593 NSL-2001 120V1P 1100W Buy Now
165606 NSL-2001 240V1P 1100W Buy Now
165614 NSL-2001 480V 1100W Buy Now
165622 NSL-2401 120V1P 1200W Buy Now
165630 NSL-2401 480V 1200W Buy Now
165649 NSL-2501 120V1P 1300W Buy Now
165657 NSL-2501 240V1P 1300W Buy Now
165665 NSL-2501 480V 1300W Buy Now
165673 NSL-2601 120V1P 1400W Buy Now
165681 NSL-2601 480V 1400W Buy Now
165690 NSL-3015 120V1P 1500W Buy Now
165702 NSL-3015 240V1P 1500W Buy Now
165710 NSL-3015 480V 1500W Buy Now
165729 NSL-3301 120V1P 1500W Buy Now
165737 NSL-3301 480V 1500W Buy Now
165745 NSL-3601 120V1P 1850W Buy Now
165753 NSL-3601 480V 1850W Buy Now
165761 NSL-3802 120V1P 2000W Request a Quote
165770 NSL-3802 240V1P 2000W Buy Now
165788 NSL-3802 480V 2000W Buy Now
165796 NSL-4302 120V1P 2100W Buy Now
165809 NSL-4302 240V1P 2100W Buy Now
165817 NSL-4302 480V 2100W Buy Now
165825 NSL-4827 120V1P 2700W Buy Now
165833 NSL-4827 240V1P 2700W Buy Now
165841 NSL-4827 480V 2700W Buy Now
165850 NSL-5403 240V1P 3000W Buy Now
165868 NSL-5403 480V1P 3000W Buy Now
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