1-11/16" Wide Two Terminals, One End Strip Heater

1-11/16" Wide Two Terminals, One End Strip Heater
  • 8-1/8 - 72" Lengths
  • 200 - 2,550 Watts
  • 120 and 240 Volt
  • 10 - 13 W/In2
  • Optional Mounting Tabs
  • Monel One-Piece Sheath
  • 900°F Max. Sheath Temp.
  • CSA (SSE Only)

Strip heaters are used for heat transfer by conduction or convection to heat liquids, air, gases and surfaces. See guidelines in the Strip Heater Overview.

Seamless elements are supplied without mounting tabs as standards.

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141840 SSEM-820 120V1P 200W Buy Now
141858 SSEM-1027 120V1P 275W Buy Now
141866 SSEM-1027 240V1P 275W Buy Now
141874 SSEM-1232 120V1P 320W Buy Now
141882 SSEM-1232 240V1P 320W Buy Now
141890 SSEM-1437 120V1P 375W Buy Now
141903 SSEM-1437 240V1P 375W Buy Now
141911 SSEM-1541 120V1P 415W Buy Now
141920 SSEM-1541 240V1P 415W Buy Now
141938 SSEM-1849 120V1P 500W Buy Now
141946 SSEM-1849 240V1P 500W Buy Now
141954 SSEM-1955 120V1P 550W Buy Now
141962 SSEM-1955 240V1P 550W Buy Now
141970 SSEM-2060 120V1P 625W Buy Now
141989 SSEM-2060 240V1P 625W Buy Now
141997 SSEM-2467 120V1P 750W Buy Now
142009 SSEM-2467 240V1P 750W Buy Now
142017 SSEM-2572 120V1P 800W Buy Now
142025 SSEM-2572 240V1P 800W Buy Now
142033 SSEM-3085 120V1P 1000W Buy Now
142041 SSEM-3085 240V1P 1000W Buy Now
142050 SSEM-3392 120V1P 1250W Buy Now
142068 SSEM-3392 240V1P 1250W Buy Now
142076 SSEM-3611 120V1P 1500W Buy Now
142084 SSEM-3611 240V1P 1500W Buy Now
142092 SSEM-3817 120V1P 1500W Buy Now
142105 SSEM-3817 240V1P 1500W Buy Now
142113 SSEM-4315 120V1P 1500W Buy Now
142121 SSEM-4315 240V1P 1500W Buy Now
142130 SSEM-4816 120V1P 1650W Buy Now
142148 SSEM-4816 240V1P 1650W Buy Now
142156 SSEM-5418 120V1P 1875W Buy Now
142164 SSEM-5418 240V1P 1875W Buy Now
142172 SSEM-6422 240V1P 2250W Buy Now
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