Surface Tank and Drum Heaters

Chromalox catalog tank drum

Surface Tank and Drum Heaters are used as a practical and efficient means of preventing contents in industrial drum, pails, tanks, containers and material hoppers from freezing and ensuring appropriate viscosity control, while maintaining desired operating temperatures. Drum heaters are manufactured to fit with a variety of common sized industrial drums as well as custom sizes. Chromalox provides General Purpose drum and tank heaters and Hazardous Location tank heating products to suit a wide variety of applications. Drum and Surface Tank Heaters come standard with a grounded heating element, cord and plug termination, adjustable thermostatic temperature control and a variety of easy installation methods. Chromalox stocks many different Drum Heaters for immediate delivery.

chromalox sldh-30
Drum Heaters
Drum Heaters are available in a variety of sizes to fit 5, 15, 30, and 55 gallon plastic and metal drum heaters. They are chemical and moisture resistant and extremely rugged. Installation onto standard drum heaters is quick and easy. They are available with or without integral temperature control.

chromalox silicone tank heaters
Silicone Tank Heater
The Chromalox silicone laminate tank heater is constructed of high temperature resistance wire laminated between two layers of fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber. It is protected by a thin, flexible, water and chemical resistant stainless steel sheath.
chromalox insulating blankets IBG
Insulating Blankets
IBG Insulating Blankets are energy saving blankets that increase heating efficiency and reduce operating costs. They are constructed with 1” bulk fiberglass between two layers of fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber. Easy installation is provided with hook and loop fasteners.
chromalox FSRM High Temperature Modular Hopper Heater 02
Hopper Heaters - Tubular Heaters
High Temperature Modular Hopper Heaters can be made to order to your hopper specifications. Low watt densities ensure long life while providing operating temperatures of 250°F (120°C) to 350°F (175°C) or higher.