1/4 DIN Advanced Process Controller – Single Loop

1/4 DIN Advanced Process Controller – Single Loop
  • 1/4 DIN Format
  • Up to 9 Outputs
  • Up to 7 Programmable Event Outputs: Absolute, Deviation, Rate of Change, Sensor Break, Recorder Memory, Power
  • Reinforced Safety Isolation from Outputs and Inputs
  • Several Inputs
      2 Analog
      Remote Setpoint
      9 Digital
  • Profiling Option
      64 Programs Using 255 Segments
      Ramp, Dwell, Hold, Loop, Join, End & Repeat
  • Data-Logging Option (Data, Alarms & Events)
  • Real Time Clock
  • USB Port To Access Files
  • Large Graphical / Text LCD Display
      Trend View
      Color Change LED Backlight On Alarm
      Configurable User-Menu Structure
  • Simplified Programming Wizard
  • Cascade Control
  • Ratio Control
  • Valve Motor Control
  • 2nd Universal Input also For Monitoring
  • Modbus RS485 & Modbus TCP Ethernet
  • ChromaloxPro™ Configuration Software
  • Multiple Language Option
  • Third-party certifications: UL, cUL, CE and RoHS2

The Chromalox 4081 (Single Loop ) and 4082 (Dual Loop) are affordable temperature and process controllers with advanced functionality including profiling and data-logging options. They both incorporate a graphic/text LCD display and are designed to improve user efficiency with many features integrated to reduce startup time, simplify operation and minimize downtime.

Improved Process Visibility

One of the key factors in maintaining and improving operation of a system is to have high visibility of the process. The LCD screen displays clear real-text messages, removing ambiguity that can be caused by mnemonic codes on LED displays used in many products. The 4082 has two independent loop displays.

Simplified Operation

Operators can improve efficiency and reduce the possibility of errors by creating an optimized menu structure for screen navigation. The configuration tool is used to provide operators with the specific parameters needed in the order desired. Security is assured with password protection on supervisor and configuration parameter access levels.

A Complete & Compact Control Solution

Advanced process and temperature control, such as cascade, valve and ratio control, extensive profiling capability, high visibility alarms and data-logging functions are all packaged within a single 1/4 DIN product. The integrated control, dual loop capability and monitoring functions translate into fewer system control components. This reduces wiring, shrinks the panel footprint and compresses installation time, resulting in a lower system cost.

Minimize Setup Time

Time is money. Constantly referring to instruction manuals increases startup time and can lead to confusion. A number of tools are available with the 4081/4082 to simplify the configuration process: An easy setup wizard; on-screen help; ChromaloxPro™ software for on or offline programming; and secure local configuration with a memory stick via the optional front access USB port.

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