High-Temp. Over-braided Thermocouples

High-Temp. Over-braided Thermocouples
  • Withstands Temperatures Up to 2000°F (1093°C)
  • High Temperature Ceramic Insulation with INCONEL® Overbraid
  • Standard Lengths are 3 and 10 Feet. Additional Lengths Available
  • J, K or E Thermocouple Calibrations
  • Grounded Junction
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Part # Description  
326810 XCIB-K-1-2-3/C T/C Buy Now
326828 XCIB-K-1-2-10/C T/C Buy Now
326836 XCIB-K-1-3-10/C T/C Request a Quote
326844 XCIB-K-1-4-3/C T/C Buy Now
326852 XCIB-K-1-4-10/C T/C Buy Now
326860 XCIB-K-2-2-3/C T/C Buy Now
326879 XCIB-K-2-2-10/C T/C Buy Now
326887 XCIB-K-4-2-10/C T/C Buy Now
326895 XCIB-K-4-4-3/C T/C Buy Now
326908 XCIB-J-4-4-3/C T/C Buy Now
326916 XCIB-K-4-4-10/C T/C Buy Now
326924 XCIB-J-4-4-10/C T/C Buy Now
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