Control Panel Thermostat

Control Panel Thermostat
  • Control Cabinet Temperature Control Applications
  • Three Temperature Ranges
  • Easy Installation
  • Note: Leads and mounting hardware provided to mount on Chromalox Strip Heaters

The 30000 Surface Mounting Controller operates on the principle of the differential expansion of metals. A temperature increase causes the stainless steel outer case to expand at a greater rate than the internal bridge assembly. Because the case is in direct contact with the heated surface, a temperature change is sensed almost instantaneously. With an increase in temperature, the case expands. This results in a linear change of the internal bridge assembly causing the electrical contacts to open. A decrease in temperature closes the contacts.

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386011 SBKT-1 KIT-TERM MOD.-SIL BOOT & Buy Now
386020 SBKT-2 SIL BT TERM KIT W/S Buy Now
386038 SBKT-3 KIT-TERM MOD.-SIL BOOT & Buy Now
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