Non-Indicating Temperature Controllers

Non-Indicating Temperature Controllers
  • Weather Resistant Enclosure
  • Bulb & Capillary
  • Sensitive, Long-Lasting, Snap Action Mechanism

  • Double pole, single throw contacts that open on temperature rise. At positive off position, contacts cannot close.
  • Differential ± 4% of scale.
  • Bulb and capillary: copper for units rated at 250°F and lower; nickel-plated copper for units between 200 and 500°F; tin-plated steel for units between 300 and 700°F.

For more features refer to catalog page PDF on the right.

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Part # Description  
269691 AR-214LT 60-250F 7FT Buy Now
269990 AR-115LT 0-100F 7FT Buy Now
272313 AR-219LT 60-250F 7FT Buy Now
293579 AR-514LT 200-550F 7FT Buy Now
293587 AR-519LT 200-550F 7FT Buy Now
299700 AR-115ALT 0-100F 2FT Buy Now
299719 AR-115CLT 0-100F 12FT Buy Now
299727 AR-214DLT 60-250F 15FT Buy Now
299735 AR-215ALT 60-250F 2FT Buy Now
299743 Request a Quote
299807 AR-715LT 300-700F 7FT Buy Now
299815 AR-719LT 300-700F 7FT Buy Now
299823 AR-215LT 60-250F 7FT Buy Now
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