Non-Indicating Temperature Controllers

Non-Indicating Temperature Controllers
  • Bulb & Capillary
  • Operating Environment: -40°F to 150°F
  • 0 - 700°F Temperature Range
  • Single Phase, 120 - 480 Vac
  • Three Phase: 208 - 277 Vac
  • Reverse Acting Model ARR
  • Knob Cover & Pilot Light (Option)
  • Double Pole, Single Throw Contacts

  • Temperature control of any electrically heated solid, liquid or gas.
  • Excellent for ovens or sterilizers
  • Molding Machines
  • Heat exchangers
  • Labeling machines
  • Water baths
  • Heat sealers
  • Type ARR may be used to control refrigerating, ventilating and alarm systems.

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Part # Description  
263038 AR-214 60-250F 7FT Buy Now
263046 AR-514 200-550F 7FT Buy Now
263054 AR-219 60-250F 7FT Buy Now
263062 AR-519 200-550F 7FT Buy Now
263097 AR-2153 7FT THERMO 60- Buy Now
265818 AR-2153P 7FT THERMO 60- Buy Now
265869 AR-214P 60-250F 7FT Buy Now
265877 AR-219P 60-250F 7FT Buy Now
265885 AR-514P 200-550F 7FT Buy Now
265893 AR-519P 200-550F 7FT Buy Now
269640 AR-715 300-700F 7FT Buy Now
269659 AR-719 300-700F 7FT Buy Now
269923 AR-719P 300-700F 7FT Buy Now
269966 AR-115 0-100F 7FT Buy Now
269974 AR-115P 0-100F 7FT Buy Now
272081 AR-715P 300-700F 7FT Buy Now
272727 AR-115KC 0-100F 7FT Buy Now
272735 AR-214KC 60-250F 7FT Buy Now
272743 AR-219KC 60-250F 7FT Buy Now
272751 AR-514KC 200-550F 7FT Buy Now
272778 AR-519KC 200-550F 7FT Buy Now
273519 AR-115AKC 0-100F 2FT Buy Now
273527 AR-115CKC 0-100F 12FT Buy Now
273543 AR-214DKC 60-250F 15FT Buy Now
273551 AR-215KC 60-250F Buy Now
273594 AR-215AKC 60-250F 2FT Buy Now
273770 AR-715KC 300-700F 7FT Buy Now
273797 AR-719KC 300-700F 7FT Buy Now
273800 OBSOLETE AR-2153KC 7FT 60 Buy Now
273906 AR-115AP 0-100F 2FT Buy Now
273914 AR-115CP 0-100F 12FT Buy Now
273922 AR-214DP 60-250F 15FT Buy Now
273930 AR-215P 60-250F 7FT Buy Now
273949 AR-215AP 60-250F 2FT Buy Now
277763 ARR-519P 200-550F 7FT Buy Now
277931 AR-115C 0-100F 12FT Buy Now
277940 AR-215 60-250F 7FT Buy Now
299639 AR-115A 0-100F 2FT Buy Now
299647 AR-214D 60-250F 15F Buy Now
299655 AR-215A 60-250F 2FT 29965 Buy Now
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