Screwplug Liquid Level Control

Screwplug Liquid Level Control
  • Process Temperatures Up to 240°F
  • 120 or 240 Vac Input, Single Phase
  • Positive OFF When Liquid Level Drops to Expose Output Element
  • Single Pole, Single Throw (SPST) Snap-Action Switch
  • Manual Reset Required to Re-Energize Heater

The WC Liquid Level Control consists of a low wattage heater and SPST latching cutout switch, physically designed as a screwplug heater. When the WC is in liquid, the heat of the small wattage heater is dissipated into the liquid. When the liquid level drops below the heater, the thermostat changes states (opens) and remains open until it is physically reset. This action can protect the main process heater and the process.

  • Positive Action Switch requires manual reset to re-energize the heater.
  • Pilot light indicates heater ON.
  • 25 Amps Cutout Contact at 277V maximum. For higher voltages or currents, use an external contactor.

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269528 WCS-120 120V Buy Now
269536 WCS-240 240V 200W Buy Now
269560 WCS-120E2 120V 100W *CSA* Buy Now
269579 WCS-240E2 240V 200W Buy Now
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