Mini-Tubular Heaters

Mini-Tubular Heaters

With the capability to be formed into many shapes, the Mini-Tubular Heater is adaptable to a wide variety of applications.  Swaged or drawn alloy cable3, compacted magnesium oxide and a helical or straight resistance element are the assembled components of the Mini-Tubular Heater.  Small diameters allow for a quick response, providing heat in tight spaces where most heaters cannot be installed.  Also available is a square profile design that increases surface contact for improved conductive heat transfer.

  • Fast Response and quick heat transfer
  • Helical coil design for superior performance
  • Resists shock and vibration
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Diameters: .040”, .062”, .093”, .125” and .188”
  • Square profiles also available

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