.246" Dia. Round Cross-Section

.246" Dia. Round Cross-Section
  • INCOLOY® Sheath
  • 165 - 2,365 Watts
  • 120 and 240 Volt
  • 30 W/In²
  • 1600°F Max. Sheath Temp.
  • UL Recognized Component, CSA Group, and CE Mark

The metal sheath isolates and protects the resistor wire from the environment. At the same time it maximizes heat transfer capability to the work. Tubular elements can be bent to put the heat where it works best.

Versatile tubular elements can be designed for use in most applications. See guidelines in the Tubular Heater Overview section.

Small Diameter Tubular Elements — Most easily bent to conform to work surfaces and to “pack” heat into confined spaces. Because of the small cross-section, these tubulars also heat up and cool rapidly.

Type 28 Terminals — Heliarc-welded to the cold pin. See terminal detail drawing in the Tubular Heater Overview section.

Work Temperatures — See Tubular Heater Overview section.

Bending — Customer’s minimum inside bending radius is 3/4". See bending requirements in the Tubular Heater Overview section.

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282052 TRI-1212 120V 165W Buy Now
282060 TRI-1612 120V 255W Buy Now
282079 TRI-2012 120V 340W .250 D Buy Now
177420 TRI-2012 240V 340W Buy Now
282087 TRI-2412 120V 430W Buy Now
282095 TRI-2412 240V 430W Buy Now
282108 TRI-2812 120V 515W Buy Now
282116 TRI-2812 240V 515W Buy Now
282124 TRI-3212 120V 605W Buy Now
177439 TRI-3212 240V 605W Buy Now
282132 TRI-3612 120V 690W Buy Now
282140 TRI-3612 240V 690W Buy Now
177447 TRI-4012 120V 780W Buy Now
143870 TRI-4012 240V 780W Buy Now
177455 TRI-4612 120V 910W Buy Now
282159 TRI-4612 240V 910W Buy Now
282167 TRI-5212 120V 1045W Buy Now
143888 TRI-5212 240V 1045W Buy Now
177463 TRI-5812 120V 1175W Buy Now
177471 TRI-5812 240V 1175W Buy Now
282175 TRI-6412 120V 1310W Buy Now
282183 TRI-6412 240V 1310W Buy Now
282191 TRI-7012 120V 1440W Buy Now
282204 TRI-7012 240V 1440W Buy Now
177480 TRI-7612 120V 1570W Buy Now
282212 TRI-7612 240V 1570W Buy Now
177498 TRI-8212 120V 1700W Buy Now
177500 TRI-8212 240V 1700W Buy Now
177519 TRI-8812 120V 1835W Buy Now
177527 TRI-8812 240V 1835W Buy Now
282220 TRI-9412 240V 1965W Buy Now
177535 TRI-10012 240V 2100W Buy Now
177543 TRI-10612 240V 2230W Buy Now
177551 TRI-11212 240V 2365W Buy Now
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