.315" Dia. Round Cross-Section

.315" Dia. Round Cross-Section
  • INCOLOY® Sheath
  • 275 - 1,450 Watts
  • 120, 240 and 480 Volt
  • 30 W/In²
  • 1600°F Max. Sheath Temp.
  • UL Recognized Component, CSA Group, CE Mark, and VDE Certification

The metal sheath isolates and protects the resistor wire from the environment. At the same time it maximizes heat transfer capability to the work. Tubular elements can be bent to put the heat where it works best.

Versatile tubular elements can be designed for use in most applications. See guidelines in the Tubular Heater Overview section.

Type 3 Terminals — Heliarc-welded to the cold pin. See terminal detail drawing in the Tubular Heater Overview section.

Work Temperatures — See Tubular Heater Overview section.

Bending — Customer’s minimum inside bending radius is 15/16". See bending requirements in the Tubular Heater Overview section.

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Part # Description  
281519 TRI-16XX 120V 275W .315 D Buy Now
281527 TRI-1848 120V 350W Buy Now
281535 TRI-2048 120V 400W Buy Now
281543 TRI-2248 120V 500W Buy Now
281551 TRI-2548 120V 650W Buy Now
281560 TRI-2548 240V 650W Buy Now
281578 TRI-2748 120V 700W Buy Now
281586 TRI-2748 240V 700W Buy Now
281594 TRI-2848 120V 625W .315 Buy Now
281607 TRI-2848 240V 625W Buy Now
281615 TRI-3048 120V 800W Buy Now
281623 TRI-3048 240V 800W Buy Now
281631 TRI-3248 120V 750W Buy Now
281640 TRI-3248 240V 750W Buy Now
281658 TRI-3448 120V 900W Buy Now
281666 TRI-3448 240V 900W .315 Buy Now
176591 TRI-3648 120V 850W Buy Now
281674 TRI-3648 240V 850W Buy Now
281682 TRI-3848 120V 1050W Buy Now
281690 TRI-3848 240V 1050W Buy Now
281703 TRI-4048 120V 975W Buy Now
281711 TRI-4048 240V 975W Buy Now
281720 TRI-4248 120V 1200W Buy Now
281738 TRI-4248 240V 1200W Buy Now
281746 TRI-4448 120V 1250W Buy Now
281754 TRI-4448 240V 1250W Buy Now
176604 TRI-4648 120V 1150W Buy Now
281762 TRI-4648 240V 1150W .315 Buy Now
176612 TRI-4648 480V 1150W Buy Now
281770 TRI-4848 120V 1350W Buy Now
281789 TRI-4848 240V 1350W Buy Now
281797 TRI-5048 120V 1450W Buy Now
281800 TRI-5048 240V 1450W Buy Now
176620 TRI-5248 120V 1325W Buy Now
281818 TRI-5248 240V 1325W Buy Now
176639 TRI-5248 480V 1325W Buy Now
281826 TRI-5448 120V 1550W Buy Now
281834 TRI-5448 240V 1550W Buy Now
281842 TRI-5848 120V 1500W .315 Buy Now
281850 TRI-5848 240V 1500W Buy Now
176647 TRI-5848 480V 1500W Buy Now
281869 TRI-6248 120V 1850W .315 Buy Now
281877 TRI-6248 240V 1850W Buy Now
176655 TRI-6448 120V 1675W Buy Now
281885 TRI-6448 240V 1675W Buy Now
176663 TRI-6448 480V 1675W Buy Now
281893 TRI-6648 120V 1950W Buy Now
281906 TRI-6648 240V 1950W Buy Now
176671 TRI-7048 120V 1850W Buy Now
281914 TRI-7048 240V 1850W Buy Now
176680 TRI-7048 480V 1850W Buy Now
281922 TRI-7448 240V 2250W Buy Now
176698 TRI-7648 120V 2025W Buy Now
281930 TRI-7648 240V 2025W Buy Now
176700 TRI-7648 480V 2025W Buy Now
281949 TRI-7848 240V 2350W Buy Now
176719 TRI-8248 120V 2200W Buy Now
281957 TRI-8248 240V 2200W Buy Now
176727 TRI-8248 480V 2200W Buy Now
281965 TRI-8648 240V 2600W Buy Now
281973 TRI-8848 240V 2375W Buy Now
176735 TRI-8848 480V 2375W Buy Now
281981 TRI-9048 240V 2750W Buy Now
176743 TRI-9448 240V 2550W Buy Now
176751 TRI-9448 480V 2550W Buy Now
281990 TRI-9848 240V 3000W Buy Now
176760 TRI-10048 240V 2700W Buy Now
176778 TRI-10048,480V,2700W Buy Now
282001 TRI-10248 240V 3150W Buy Now
176786 TRI-10648 240V 2875W Buy Now
176794 TRI-10648 480V 2875W Buy Now
282010 TRI-11248 240V 3050W Buy Now
176807 TRI-11248 480V 3050W Buy Now
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