.200" Dia. Round Cross-Section

.200" Dia. Round Cross-Section
  • INCOLOY® Sheath
  • 75 - 1,200 Watts
  • 28, 57.7 and 115 Volt
  • 29 - 49 W/In2
  • 1600°F Max. Sheath Temp.
  • UL Recognized Component, CSA Group, CE Mark, and VDE Certification

Tubular heating elements perform exceptional industrial heat transfer by conduction, convection, or radiation to heat liquids, air, gases, and surfaces. In most commercial heater assemblies, tubular element design configurations vary: round, triangular, flat press, and formed. Bends are made to customer requirements: custom built from 0.200" to 0.475" diameters, a multitude of sheath materials with sheath temperature capabilities up to 1600°F, and watt densities to fit many applications up to 600 volts. Available with over 20 optional terminations and many stocked accessories.


Compasses and gyroscopes, tubing “wraparounds,” oil igniters and burning off flue gases.


An Extremely Versatile Element — Used where just a little heat is needed or where a high temperature is needed quickly in a tight spot. Heat-up is fast due to the small mass of the element.

Flexible — Easily forms to a wide range of configurations.

Type 34 Terminals — Standard with high temperature leads attached to sheath. See terminal detail drawing in the Tubular Heater Overview section.

Work Temperatures — See Tubular Heaters Overview section.

Bending — Customer’s minimum inside bending radius is 5/8". See bending requirements in the Tubular Heater Overview section.

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143319 TSSM-6 28 V 75 W .200 D Buy Now
143327 TSSM-8 58V 110W Buy Now
143335 TSSM-10 57.7V 150W Buy Now
143343 TSSM-12 115V 175 W Buy Now
143351 TSSM-14 115V 225 W Buy Now
143360 TSSM-16 115V 275 W Buy Now
143378 TSSM-18 115V 300 W Buy Now
143386 TSSM-20 115V 350 W Buy Now
143394 TSSM-30 115V 830 W Buy Now
143407 TSSM-40 115V 1120W Buy Now
143415 TSSM-50 115V 1400W Buy Now
143423 TSSM-60 115V 1400W .200 D Buy Now
143431 TSSM-70 115V 1200W Buy Now
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