Round Cross-Section Single-End Terminal - STRC-475

Round Cross-Section Single-End Terminal - STRC-475
  • Copper Sheath
  • 525 - 4,125 Watts
  • 120 and 240 Volt
  • 3 - 50 W/In²
  • 350°F Max. Sheath Temp.
  • UL Recognized Component, CSA Group, CE Mark, and VDE Certification

Single Ended Tubular Heating Elements are of similar construction as our standard tubular elements. They terminate at one end which can simplify wiring and installation. These are most commonly used in molds and other heat transferring metal parts as well as open air applications and immersion applications.


Molds and other heat-transferring metal parts and air heating applications. Immersion heating with flange, screwplug, threaded fitting or other means of mounting.


Elements with both terminals at one end, in dies, can simplify wiring in many cases. Use slim elements to concentrate heat into a confined area, taking up less space than a U-shaped element with terminals at each end.

Construction — Similar to the standard Chromalox tubular heater design, except that both terminals of the embedded resistor wire are at one end of the element. 10" lead wires have silicone-impregnated Fiberglas® sleeves and are attached to the terminals inside a ceramic terminal bushing.

Sealed End for Immersion Heating on end opposite terminals is provided on all stock, single-end elements. When ordering nonstock elements for use as immersion heaters, specify “sealed end”.

Work Temperatures — See Tubular Heater Overview section.

Bending — Generally not recommended for single-end elements.

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149198 STRC-1245 120V 525W Buy Now
149200 STRC-1645 120V 825W Buy Now
149219 STRC-1645 240V 825W Request a Quote
149227 STRC-2045 120V 1125W 475D Buy Now
149235 STRC-2045 240V 1125W Buy Now
149243 STRC-2445 120V 1425W Request a Quote
149251 STRC-2445 240V 1425W Buy Now
149260 STRC-2845 120V 1725W Request a Quote
149278 STRC-2845 240V 1725W Buy Now
149286 STRC-3245 120V 2525W Request a Quote
149294 STRC-3245 240V 2025W Request a Quote
149307 STRC-3645 120V 2200W Buy Now
149315 STRC-3645 240V 2325W Request a Quote
149323 STRC-4045 120V 1950W Buy Now
149331 STRC-4045 240V 2625W Buy Now
149340 STRC-4445 120V 1750W Request a Quote
149358 STRC-4445 240V 2925W Request a Quote
149366 STRC-4545 120V 1575W Request a Quote
149374 STRC-4845 240V3225W .475 Buy Now
149382 STRC-5245 120V 1450W Request a Quote
149390 STRC-5245 240V 3525W Request a Quote
149403 STRC-5645 120V 1325W Request a Quote
149411 STRC-5645 240V 3825W Request a Quote
149420 STRC-6045 120V 1225W .475 Buy Now
149438 STRC-6045 240V 4125W 475D Buy Now
149446 STRC-7245 120V 1000W 475D Buy Now
149454 STRC-7245 240V 4000W Request a Quote
149462 STRC-8445 120V 850W Buy Now
149470 STRC-8445 240V 3400W Request a Quote
149489 STRC-9645 120V 750W 475DI Buy Now
149497 STRC-9645 240V 3000W Request a Quote
149500 STRC-10845 240V 2600W Request a Quote
149518 STRC-10845 240V 2600W Request a Quote
149526 STRC-12045 120V 575W .47 Buy Now
149534 STRC-12045 240V 2300W .47 Buy Now
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