Specialty Shapes Tubular Heaters

Specialty Shapes Tubular Heaters


Specialty Shaped Tubular Heating Elements are of similar construction to our standard tubular elements. These shapes can greatly increase rigidity to the element.  Heaters that are clamped to a surface have greater surface contact allowing for greater heat conductivity than conventional round elements. Tubular Heaters are available in a variety of sheath materials with temperature capabilities up to 1600°F (870°C).

  • Up to 172" Lengths (Std.)
  • 75 – 10,000 Watts (Std.)
  • 120, 240 and 480 Volt (Std.)
  • 3-53 W/In² (Std.)
  • Max. Sheath Temp. -Copper 350°F
  • Max. Sheath Temp. -Steel 750°F
  • Max. Sheath Temp. -Stainless Steel 1200°F
  • Max. Sheath Temp. -INCOLOY® 1600°F
  • Maximum temperature: 1,600ºF
  • Watt densities: Up to 600 V

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