3/8" Dia. Heart Cross-Section - RTU

3/8" Dia. Heart Cross-Section - RTU
  • INCOLOY® Sheath
  • 400 - 2,500 Watts and 2,700 - 6,500 Watts
  • 120, 208, 240, 275 and 480 Volt
  • 40 W/In2
  • 1-1/2", 2-1/8, 3-3/8 and 4" Cold Ends
  • 1600°F Max. Sheath Temp.
  • Component of Radiant Heater (type RAD and RADD)
  • UL Recognized Component, CSA Group, CE Mark, and VDE Certification

Tubular heating elements perform exceptional industrial heat transfer by conduction, convection, or radiation to heat liquids, air, gases, and surfaces. In most commercial heater assemblies, tubular element design configurations vary: round, triangular, flat press, and formed. Bends are made to customer requirements: custom built from 0.200" to 0.475" diameters, a multitude of sheath materials with sheath temperature capabilities up to 1600°F, and watt densities to fit many applications up to 600 volts. Available with over 20 optional terminations and many stocked accessories.


  • Radiant Heating in Room Ambient
  • Heating High Velocity Air
  • Low Temperature Clamp-ons


Specially constructed to provide excellent service life in radiant heating applications.

Type 8 Terminals — Standard with threaded clip to facilitate wiring.

Retaining Rings locate elements in radiant heater assemblies.

Work Temperatures — See Tubular Heater Overview section.

Bending — Customer’s minimum inside bending radius is 1-7/8". See bending requirements in the Tubular Heater Overview section.

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147766 RTU-2063AX35 120V1P .40 Buy Now
147774 RTU-2063AX29 120V1P .65 Buy Now
106112 120V 800W RTU 2083A ELEME Buy Now
106120 RTU2083AV 208V 800W ELEME Buy Now
106139 240V 800W RTU 2083A 240V Buy Now
106147 RTU2083AV 275V 800W ELEME Buy Now
106155 RTU3113A120V1100W ELEMENT Buy Now
106163 RTU-3113AV4 208V 1100W Buy Now
106171 RTU3113A 240V 1100W ELEME Buy Now
106180 RTU-3113AV 275V 1100W Buy Now
147782 RTU-3133A 208V1P 1.300K Buy Now
108409 RTU-3133A 240V1P 1.300K Buy Now
147790 RTU-3133AV 275V1P 1.300K Buy Now
108396 RTU-3133A 480V1P 1.300K Buy Now
106198 RTU4183AV6 208V 1800W Buy Now
106200 RTU4183A240V1800W ELEMENT Buy Now
106219 RTU4183AV1275V1800W ELEME Buy Now
106227 RTU4183A480V1800W ELEMENT Buy Now
147803 RTU-5213AV 208V1P 2.150K Buy Now
147820 RTU-5213A 240V1P 2.150K Buy Now
147811 RTU-5213AV 275V1P 2.150K Buy Now
147838 RTU-5213A 480V1P 2.150K Buy Now
106235 RTU5253AV4 208V 2500W Buy Now
106243 RTU-5253A 240V 2500W Buy Now
106251 RTU5253AV8 275V 2500W ELE Buy Now
106260 RTU5253A480V2500W ELEMENT Buy Now
147846 RTU 5253M 480V 2500W ELEM Buy Now
147854 RTU-6273AV 208V1P 2.700K Buy Now
147870 RTU-6273A 240V1P 2.700K Buy Now
147862 RTU-6273AV 275V1P 2.700K Buy Now
147889 RTU-6273A 480V1P 2.700K Buy Now
106278 RTU6303AV6208V3000W ELEME Buy Now
106286 RTU6303A240V3000W ELEMENT Buy Now
106294 RTU-6303AV 275V 3000W ELE Buy Now
106307 RTU6303A480V3000W ELEMENT Buy Now
147897 RTU6303M 480V 3000W ELEME Buy Now
147900 RTU-7333AV 208V1P 3.350K Buy Now
147926 RTU-7333A 240V1P 3.350K Buy Now
147918 RTU-7333AV 275V1P 3.350K Buy Now
147934 RTU-7333A 480V1P 3.350K Buy Now
106315 RTU-7363AV 208V 3600W ELE Buy Now
106323 RTU7363A 240V 3600W ELEME Buy Now
106331 RTU-7363AV 275V 3600W ELE Buy Now
106340 RTU7363A 480V 3600W ELEME Buy Now
147942 RTU7363M 480V 3600W ELEME Buy Now
147950 RTU-8453AV 208V1P 4.500K Buy Now
147977 RTU-8453A 240V1P 4.500K Buy Now
147967 RTU-8453AV 275V1P 4.500K Buy Now
147985 RTU8453A 480V 4500W Buy Now
106358 RTU7303AX10240V4000W ELEM Buy Now
106366 RTU-7303AX13 240V1P 5.00 Buy Now
106374 RTU7303AX9A 240V 5500W EL Buy Now
106382 RTU-7363AX38 240V1P 6.50 Buy Now
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