3/8" Dia. Heart Cross-Section - TI

3/8" Dia. Heart Cross-Section - TI
  • 300 - 1,850 and 1,950 - 5,350 Watts
  • 120, 240 and 480 Volt
  • 30 W/In²
  • 1600°F Max. Sheath Temp.
  • INCOLOY® Sheath
  • UL Recognized Component, CSA Group, CE Mark, and VDE Certification


More uniform surface temperatures and resistance to deformation.


High element surface temperature clamp-on or air heating applications or where extreme rigidity is required.

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282263 TI-1648 120V 300W Buy Now
282271 TI-1848 120V 350W Buy Now
282280 TI-2048 120V 450W Buy Now
282298 TI-2248 120V 500W Buy Now
282300 TI-2548 120V 650W TUBULAR Buy Now
282319 TI-2548 240V 650W Buy Now
282327 TI-2748 120V 700W Buy Now
282335 TI-2748 240V 700W Buy Now
282343 TI-2848 120V 750W Buy Now
282351 TI-2848 240V 750W Buy Now
282360 TI-3048 120V 800W Buy Now
282370 TI Request a Quote
282386 TI-3248 120V 850W Buy Now
282394 TI-3248 240V 850W Buy Now
282407 TI-3448 120V 900W Buy Now
282415 TI-3448 240V 900W Buy Now
282423 TI-3648 120V 1000W Buy Now
282431 TI-3648 240V 1000W Buy Now
282440 TI-3848 120V 1050W Buy Now
282458 TI-3848 240V 1050W Buy Now
282466 TI-4048 120V 1100W Buy Now
282474 TI-4048 240V 1100W Buy Now
282482 TI-4248 120V 1200W Buy Now
282490 TI-4248 240V 1200W Buy Now
282503 TI-4448 120V 1250W Buy Now
282511 TI-4448 240V 1250W Buy Now
282520 TI-4648 120V 1300W Buy Now
282538 TI-4648 240V 1300W Buy Now
282546 TI-4848 120V 1350W Buy Now
282554 TI-4848 240V 1350W Buy Now
282562 TI-5048 120V 1450W Buy Now
282570 TI-5048 240V 1450W Buy Now
173462 TI-5048 480V 1450W Buy Now
282589 TI-5448 120V 1550W Buy Now
282597 TI-5448 240V 1550W Buy Now
173470 TI-5448 480V 1550W Buy Now
282600 TI-5848 120V 1700W Buy Now
282618 TI-5848 240V 1700W Buy Now
173489 TI-5848 480V 1700W Buy Now
282626 TI-6248 120V 1850W Buy Now
282634 TI-6248 240V 1850W Buy Now
173497 TI-6248 480V 1850W Buy Now
282642 TI-6648 120V 1950W Buy Now
282650 TI-6648 240V 1950W Buy Now
173500 TI-6648 480V 1950W Request a Quote
282669 TI-7048 120V 2100W Buy Now
282677 TI-7048 240V 2100W Buy Now
173518 TI-7048 480V 2100W Buy Now
173526 TI-7448 120V 2250W Buy Now
282685 TI-7448 240V 2250W Buy Now
173534 TI-7448 480V 2250W Buy Now
173542 TI-7848 120V 2350W Buy Now
282693 TI-7848 240V 2350W Buy Now
173550 TI-7848 480V 2350W Buy Now
282706 TI-8248 240V 2500W Buy Now
173569 TI-8248 480V 2500W Buy Now
282714 TI-8648 240V 2600W Buy Now
173577 TI-8648 480V 2600W Buy Now
282722 TI-9048 240V 2750W Buy Now
173585 TI-9048 480V 2750W Request a Quote
282730 TI-9448 240V 2900W Buy Now
173593 TI-9448 480V 2900W Buy Now
282749 TI-9848 240V 3000W Buy Now
173606 TI-9848 480V 3000W Buy Now
282757 TI-10248 240V 3150W Buy Now
173614 TI-10248 480V 3150W Request a Quote
282765 TI-10648 240V 3300W Buy Now
173622 TI-10648 480V 3300W Request a Quote
282773 TI-11248 240V 3500W Buy Now
173630 TI-11248 480V 3500W Buy Now
173649 TI-11848 240V 3650W TUBUL Buy Now
173657 TI-11848 480V 3650W Buy Now
173665 TI-12448 240V 3900W Buy Now
173673 TI-12448 480V 3900W Buy Now
173681 TI-13048 240V 4100W Buy Now
173690 TI-13048 480V 4100W Buy Now
173702 TI-13648 240V 4300W Buy Now
173710 TI-13648 480V 4300W Buy Now
173729 TI-14248 240V 4500W Buy Now
173737 TI-14248 480V 4500W Request a Quote
173745 TI-14848 480V 4700W Request a Quote
173753 TI-15648 480V 4950W Request a Quote
173761 TI-16448 480V 5200W Buy Now
173770 TI-17248 480V 5350W Buy Now
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