3/8" Dia. Heart Cross-Section - UTU

3/8" Dia. Heart Cross-Section - UTU
  • INCOLOY® Sheath
  • 800 - 3,600 Watts
  • 120, 208, 240, 275 and 480 Volt
  • 40 W/In2
  • 2-1/8" Cold Ends
  • 1600°F Max. Sheath Temp.
  • Component of Radiant Heater (Type U-RAD, DU-RAD and RUTU)
  • UL Recognized Component, CSA Group, CE Mark, and VDE Certification

Tubular heating elements perform exceptional industrial heat transfer by conduction, convection, or radiation to heat liquids, air, gases, and surfaces. In most commercial heater assemblies, tubular element design configurations vary: round, triangular, flat press, and formed. Bends are made to customer requirements: custom built from 0.200" to 0.475" diameters, a multitude of sheath materials with sheath temperature capabilities up to 1600°F, and watt densities to fit many applications up to 600 volts. Available with over 20 optional terminations and many stocked accessories.

Type 8 Terminals- Standard with threaded clip to facilitate wiring.

Type 3 Terminals- Heliarc-welded to the cold pin. See terminal detail drawing in the Tubular Heater Overview Section.

Retaining Rings- Locate elements in radiant heater assemblies.

Work Temperatures- See Tubular Heaters Overview Section.

Bending- Lengthwise only. See bending requirements Tubular Heater Overview Section.


  • Radiant Heating in Room Ambient
  • Heating High Velocity Air
  • Low Temperature Clamp-ons


Specially constructed to provide excellent service life in radiant heating applications.

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106438 UTU-2 120V1P .800KW Buy Now
106446 UTU-2V 208V1P .800KW Buy Now
106454 UTU-2 240V1P .800KW Buy Now
106462 UTU-2V 275V1P .800KW Buy Now
106470 UTU-3 120V1P 1.100KW Buy Now
106489 UTU-3V 208V1P 1.100KW Buy Now
106497 UTU-3 240V 1100W ELEMENT Buy Now
106500 UTU-3V 275V1P 1.100KW Buy Now
106518 UTU-4V 208V1P 1.800KW Buy Now
106526 UTU-4 240V1P 1.800KW Buy Now
106534 UTU-4V 275V1P 1.800KW Buy Now
106542 UTU-4 480V1P 1.800KW Buy Now
106550 UTU-5V 208V1P 2.500KW Buy Now
106569 UTU-5 240V1P 2.500KW Buy Now
106577 UTU-5V 275V1P 2.500KW Buy Now
106585 UTU-5 480V1P 2.500KW Buy Now
106593 UTU-6V 208V1P 3.000KW Buy Now
106606 UTU-6 240V1P 3.000KW Buy Now
106614 UTU-6V 275V1P 3.000KW Buy Now
106622 UTU-6 480V1P 3.000KW Buy Now
106630 UTU-7V 208V1P 3.600KW Buy Now
106649 UTU-7 240V1P 3.600KW Buy Now
106657 UTU-7V 275V1P 3.600KW Buy Now
106665 UTU-7 480V 3600W Buy Now
147002 UTU-40 120V1P 1.600KW Buy Now
147010 UTU-40 240V1P 1.600KW Buy Now
147029 UTU-40V 208V1P 1.600KW Request a Quote
147037 UTU-40V 275V1P 1.600KW Request a Quote
147045 UTU-48 120V1P 1.970KW Buy Now
147053 UTU-48 240V1P 1.970KW Buy Now
147061 UTU-48V 208V1P 1.970KW Buy Now
147070 UTU-48V 275V1P 1.970KW Request a Quote
147088 UTU-58 120V1P 2.440KW Buy Now
147096 UTU-58 240V1P 2.440KW Buy Now
147109 UTU-58 480V1P 2.440KW Buy Now
147117 UTU-58V 208V1P 2.440KW Request a Quote
147125 UTU-58V 275V1P 2.440KW Request a Quote
147133 UTU-66 120V1P 2.820KW Buy Now
147141 UTU-66 240V1P 2.820KW Buy Now
147150 UTU-66 480V1P 2.820KW Buy Now
147168 UTU-66V 208V1P 2.820KW Request a Quote
147176 UTU-66V 275V1P 2.820KW Request a Quote
147184 UTU-74 120V1P 3.190KW Request a Quote
147192 UTU-74 240V1P 3.190KW Buy Now
147205 UTU-74 480V1P 3.190KW Buy Now
147221 UTU-74V 208V1P 3.190KW Request a Quote
147230 UTU-74V 275V1P 3.190KW Buy Now
147248 UTU-82V 208V1P 3.570KW Request a Quote
147256 UTU-82V 275V1P 3.570KW Request a Quote
147264 UTU-82 240V1P 3.570KW Buy Now
147272 UTU-82 480V1P 3.570KW Buy Now
147280 UTU-90V 208V1P 3.950KW Request a Quote
147299 UTU-90V 275V1P 3.950KW Request a Quote
147301 UTU-90 240V1P 3.950KW Buy Now
147310 UTU-90 480V1P 3.950KW Buy Now
147328 UTU-102V 208V1P 4.520KW Request a Quote
147336 UTU-102V 275V1P 4.520KW Buy Now
147344 UTU-102 240V1P 4.520KW Buy Now
147352 UTU-102 480V1P 4.520KW Buy Now
147360 UTU-112V 208V1P 4.990KW Buy Now
147379 UTU-112V (DU-RAD S/A) 275 Buy Now
147387 UTU-112 240V1P 4.990KW Buy Now
147395 UTU-112 480V1P 4.990KW Buy Now
147408 UTU-124V 208V1P 5.560KW Request a Quote
147416 UTU-124V 275V1P 5.560KW Request a Quote
147424 UTU-124 240V 5560W ELEM Buy Now
147432 UTU-124 480V1P 5.560KW Buy Now
147440 UTU-136V 208V1P 6.130KW Buy Now
147459 UTU-136V 275V1P 6.130KW Buy Now
147467 UTU-136 240V1P 6.130KW Request a Quote
147475 UTU-136 480V1P 6.130KW Buy Now
147483 UTU-148V 208V1P 6.700KW Request a Quote
147491 UTU-148V 275V1P 6.700KW Request a Quote
147504 UTU-148 240V1P 6.700KW Request a Quote
147512 UTU-148 480V1P 6.700KW Buy Now
147520 UTU-156V 208V1P 7.100KW Request a Quote
147539 UTU-156V 275V1P 7.100KW Request a Quote
147547 UTU-156 240V1P 7.100KW Request a Quote
147555 UTU-156 480V1P 7.100KW Buy Now
147571 UTU-164V 275V1P 7.450KW Buy Now
147580 UTU-164 240V1P 7.450KW Buy Now
147598 UTU-164 480V 7450W ELEM Buy Now
147600 UTU-172V 208V1P 7.830KW Buy Now
147619 UTU-172V 275V1P 7.830KW Request a Quote
147627 UTU-172 240V1P 7.830KW Request a Quote
147635 UTU-172 480V1P 7.830KW Buy Now
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