Thin Blade Tubular Heaters

Thin Blade Tubular Heaters


Thin Blade Heaters provide greater surface area inch for inch than the traditional round elements.  With the Thin Blade equipment can be designed with more wattage in less linear space than a conventional element.  Thin Blade elements can attain the same wattage with lower sheath temperatures. This can make processed materials less susceptible to degradation. These are commonly used in commercial cooking and industrial applications such as degreasing and plating tanks.

  • 0.245 x 1" Profile
  • 120 and 240 Volt
  • 1 & 3 Phase
  • 3-53 W/In² (Std.)
  • Stainless and Steel Sheath
  • 10-20 W/In2
  • cURus

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