Thin Blade Heater

Thin Blade Heater
  • 0.275 x 1" Profile
  • 120 and 240 Volt
  • 1 & 3 Phase
  • Stainless Steel Sheath
  • 10 - 75 W/In²
  • High Temperature (up to 1200°F Sheath Temperature)
  • UL Recognized Component

Thin Blade Heaters provide greater surface area inch for inch than the traditional round elements. With the Thin Blade equipment can be designed with more wattage in less linear space than a conventional element. Thin Blade elements can attain the same wattage with lower sheath temperatures. This can make processed materials less susceptible to degradation. These are commonly used in commercial cooking and industrial applications such as degreasing and plating tanks.


  • Immersion for deep fat fryers, degreasers, plating tanks, humidifiers, lube and fuel oil heaters, hydraulic oil heaters, water heaters.
  • Clamp-on for griddles, tanks, platens, dies, molds, heat sealing.
  • Process air duct heaters, dirty gas stream, high temperature gas.


More Efficient Heat Transfer — The larger sheath area of the Thin Blade conveys heat more rapidly to medium being heated.

Long Life — Particularly well suited to deep fat frying. The oil suffers less degradation and lasts longer.


Adaptable to a wide range of applications now served by tubular elements with unique advantages.

Three Wire Construction — Provides a balanced 3-phase load. A wide array of heat settings using only a low-cost selector switch.


Thin Space Saving Profile — 1/4" by 1" minimizes possible interference with the process being heated. Unit can hug bottom or side of tank.

Completely Sealed Sheath permits complete immersion of heated length.

Unique Bending Properties make thin blade easy to apply to most difficult spatial limitations.

Minimum Bending potential is 1" radius on the major axis and 1/2" radius on the minor axis.

Greater Mechanical Strength — Makes the elongated cross-section more rigid than the tube

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Part # Description  
329228 CTBS-1245 120V 450W Request a Quote
329236 CTBS-1225 120V 250W Request a Quote
329244 CTBS-1875 120V 750W Request a Quote
329252 CTBS-1835 120V 350W Request a Quote
329260 CTBS-24100 120V 1000W Request a Quote
329276 CTBS-2450 120V 500W Request a Quote
329287 CTBS-30130 120V 1300W Request a Quote
329295 CTBS-3065 120V 650W Request a Quote
329308 CTBS-36160 120V 1600W Buy Now
329316 CTBS-3680 120V 800W Request a Quote
329324 CTBS-42190 120V 1900W Request a Quote
329332 CTBS-4295 120V 950W Request a Quote
329340 CTBS-48220 120V 2200W Buy Now
329359 CTBS-48110 120V 1100W Request a Quote
329367 CTBS-1245 240V 450W Request a Quote
329375 CTBS-1225 240V 250W Request a Quote
329383 CTBS-1875 240V 750W Request a Quote
329391 CTBS-1835 240V 350W Request a Quote
329404 CTBS-24100 240V 1000W Request a Quote
329412 CTBS-2450 240V 500W Request a Quote
329439 CTBS-30130 240V 1300W Request a Quote
329447 CTBS-3065 240V 650W Request a Quote
329455 CTBS-36160 240V 1600W Request a Quote
329463 CTBS-3680 240V 800W Request a Quote
329471 CTBS-42190 240V 1900W Request a Quote
329480 CTBS-4295 240V 950W Request a Quote
329498 CTBS-48220 240V 2200W Buy Now
329500 CTBS-48110 240V 1100W Request a Quote
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