XtremeDuty™ - Component Technologies

Chromalox XPMC with Thermostat

To meet the most challenging environmental and process conditions like extreme high and arctic temperature settings, hazardous locations or highly corrosive applications, Chromalox XtremeDuty™ technology products will ensure reliable and durable heating. Chromalox has spent decades perfecting our XtremeDuty™ technologies in real world applications.  All of that hard work has culminated in our ability to integrate XtremeDuty™ technologies into many of our Component Technologies products.  We are confident these products featuring our XtremeDuty™ technologies will meet your most demanding applications.  To ensure safety and reliability, our XtremeDuty™ products carry stringent third party-certifications, and pass 100% performance and durability testing through our certified, in-house labs.  Having been tested in the most extreme conditions, XtremeDuty™ heaters are proven to operate continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with virtually no maintenance required. They also perform at nearly 100% efficiency for their lifespan, ensuring superior performance for your operations.