Aluminum and Fiberglas® Pipe Tape

AT-1 & FT-3
Aluminum and Fiberglas® Pipe Tape

180 foot roll aluminum foil installation tape with pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. 2-mil thickness with high tensile strength; 2-1/2" wide. 200°F (93°C) rating. Minimum application temperatures 40°F (5°C).

66 foot roll glass cloth tape with pressure-sensitive thermosetting silicone adhesive 3/8" wide. 500°F (260°C) rating. Strap at one foot intervals at minimum application temperatures of -40°F (-40°C).

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383355 AT-1 Aluminum Foil Tape 180ft Roll Buy Now
389941 FT-3 Fiberglass Tape Attachment Buy Now
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