Line-Sensing Thermostat

Line-Sensing Thermostat
  • Use With SRL, SRP, SRM/E, CWM

NEMA 4X rated junction box designed to connect a single SRL, SRP, SRM/E or CWM cable run to power and control cable output via pipe temperature in non-hazardous areas. This kit provides water-resistant cable entry for one cable, enclosure support, terminal block and a water resistant corrosion resistant wiring enclosure with a 3/4" opening to accept a conduit hub (CCH- 2 or equal). Stainless steel bulb is 1/4" diameter x 7-1/4" long with 3ft capillary. Switch rated for 22 amps SPDT 120-480 volts. Operating temperature range is -40°F to 160°F (-40°C to 71°C). Temperature set point 0° to 400°F (-81°C to 200°C) with 10°F.
* Only Approved for Ordinary Areas.

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