Copper Jacket Cables

Copper Jacket Cables
  • Approximate Size 3/8" x 3/8"
  • Available in 5 Watts per Foot
  • Available in 120V Models
  • Process Temperature Maintenance to 150°F (65°C)
  • Maximum Continuous Exposure Temp, Power Off, 185°F (85°C)
  • Pre-Assembled lengths - 5, 10, 15, and 20 foot lengths
  • Min. Install Temp = -40°F (-40°C)
  • Min. Bend Radius 1"
  • For Use on Metal Pipes
  • Factory terminated 3 foot cord set with plug and end seal

Thermwire Copper Jacket Cables provide safe reliable freeze protection for commercial and residential piping. The rugged copper jacket and constant heat output are perfect for those who prefer series resistance constant output cables versus self regulating polymeric varieties.

  • Cooling Towers
  • Chilled Water and Plumbing Pipes
  • Sump Discharge Pipes
  • Exposed P-traps
  • Refrigeration Condensation Prevention

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396017 HTR COPPER 5FT LG 10W/FT Request a Quote
396025 HTR COPPER 10FT LG 10W/FT Request a Quote
396033 HTR COPPER 15FT LG 10W/FT Request a Quote
396041 HTR COPPER 20FT LG 10W/FT Request a Quote
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