UL/CSA Certification

UL/CSA Certification
  • 3 - 18" ANSI Blind Flange Design
  • 3 - 18" Carbon Steel Pipe Body, 150 Lb Construction (750°F Max. Vessel and 1600°F Max. Sheath Temp). For Stainless Steel Pipe Body Construction, Refer to GCHIS Series Circulation Heaters.
  • 3 - 350kW
  • 240 and 480V, 1 & 3 Phase
  • General Purpose, Moisture
    Resistant Terminal, Moisture
    Resistant/Explosion Proof
  • 0.475" Dia. INCOLOY® Sheath Elements (15 - 23 W/In2)
  • 3 and 5" with Side Mounted
    Thermostat (200 - 550°F), 8, 10,
    14 and 16" without Thermos
  • CSA and other Third Party Approval, Listing or Certification Available

Steam, Air, and Gas- Higher kW ratings for larger industrial and commercial gas heating applications.

Terminal Enclosure — E1 General Purpose is standard. E2 Moisture Resistant/Explosion Resistant, E3 Explosion Resistant or E4 Moisture Resistant available.

Elements — 0.475" diameter INCOLOY® sheath elements.

Flange — 3 -10" ANSI B-16.5 flange with 1/2" thermowell for thermostat bulb and a 1/8" NPT threaded opening for a thermocouple or RTD.

Vessel — Pipe body and nozzles are ASTM A53B carbon steel pipe. The end disk is ASTM A516 Grade 70 carbon steel plate. Provided with thermal insulation and painted sheet metal jacket.

Baffle Assembly — Internal baffle assemblies are provided on GCHIB-18 models. Baffles reduce the internal cross sectional area thereby increasing the velocity of the gas. Increasing the gas velocity reduces the operating temperature of the elements and the shell of the vessel.

Wiring — Convenient field wiring terminals are provided for easy installation.

Controls — Series 03 and 06 stock and assembly stock heaters come equipped with side mounted thermostat. Series 18, 27, 45 and 108 are furnished without thermostat.

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013240 GCHI-3-003P-E1 240V 1-1PH Buy Now
013258 GCHI-3-003P-E1 480V 1-1PH Buy Now
013266 GCHI-3-004P5-E1 240V 1-1P Buy Now
013274 GCHI-3-004P5-E1 480V 1-1P Buy Now
013282 GCHI-3-006P-E1 240V 1-1PH Buy Now
013290 GCHI-3-006P-E1 480V 1-1PH Buy Now
013303 GCHI-06-009P-E1 240V1P Request a Quote
013311 GCH-60905 480V 1P 9KW Buy Now
013320 GCHI-6-009P-E1 480V 1-3PH Buy Now
013338 GCHI-06-012P-E1 240V1P Request a Quote
013346 GCH-61205 480V 1PH 12KW Buy Now
013354 GCH-62005 240V 2-1PH 20KW Buy Now
013362 GCHI-6-020P-E1 240V 2-3PH Buy Now
013370 GCHI-06-020P-E1 480V1P Request a Quote
013389 GCHI-6-025P-E1 240V 2-3PH Buy Now
013397 Request a Quote
013400 GCHI-06-025P-E1 240V1P Request a Quote
013418 GCHI-6-025P-E1 480V 1-3PH Buy Now
013434 GCHI-6-030P-E1 240V 2-3PH Buy Now
013450 GCHI-6-030P-E1 480V 1-3PH Buy Now
020212 GCHI-27-050P-E1 240V 3-3P Buy Now
020220 GCHI-27-050P-E1 480V 3-3P Buy Now
020239 GCHI-27-060P-E1 240V 3-3P Buy Now
020247 GCHI-27-060P-E1 480V 3-3P Buy Now
020255 GCHI-27-070P-E1 240V 3-3P Buy Now
020263 GCHI-27-070P-E1 480V 3-3P Buy Now
020271 GCHI-27-080P-E1 240V 3-3P Buy Now
020280 GCHI-27-080P-E1 480V 3-3P Buy Now
020298 GCHI-27-090P-E1 240V 3-3P Buy Now
020300 GCHI-27-090P-E1 480V 3-3P Buy Now
086238 GCHI-45-075P-E1 480V3P Buy Now
086254 GCHI-45-090P-E1 480V3P 90KW Request a Quote
086270 GCHI-45-125P-E1 480V3P 125KW Buy Now
086297 GCHI-45-150P-E1 480V 3P 1 Buy Now
086318 GCHI-45-175P-E1 480V3P Buy Now
086334 GCHI-72-250P-E1 480V3P 250KW Request a Quote
086369 GCHI-72-225P-E1 480V3P 225KW Request a Quote
086393 GCHI-72-200P-E1 480V 3P Buy Now
086422 GCHI-108-300P-E1 480V3P 300KW Request a Quote
086457 GCHI-108-325P-E1 480V3P 325KW Request a Quote
086481 Request a Quote
103915 GCHI-3-003P-E1 240V 1-3PH Buy Now
103958 GCHI-3-003P-E1 480V 1-3PH Buy Now
104070 GCHI-3-004P5-E1 240V 1-3P Buy Now
104117 GCHI-3-004P5-E1 480V 1-3P Buy Now
104230 GCHI-3-006P-E1 240V 1-3PH Buy Now
104272 GCHI-3-006P-E1 480V 1-3PH Buy Now
104598 GCHI-6-012P-E1 480V 1-3PH Buy Now
104715 GCHI-6-009P-E1 240V 1-3PH Buy Now
104870 GCHI-6-012P-E1 240V 1-3PH Buy Now
105478 GCHI-6-020P-E1 480V 1-3PH Buy Now
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