Medium/Heavy Weight Oil Applications
UL/CSA Certification

Medium/Heavy Weight Oil Applications
UL/CSA Certification
  • 3 - 14" ANSI Blind Flange Design
  • 3 - 14" Carbon Steel Pipe Body, 150 Lb Construction
  • 3 - 120kW
  • 240 and 480V, 1 & 3 Phase
  • General Purpose, Moisture Resistant Terminal, Moisture Resistant/Explosion Proof Enclosure
  • 0.475" Dia. Steel Sheath Low Watt Density Elements (12 - 15 W/In2)
  • With & Without Side Mounted AR Thermostat (60 - 250°°F)
  • UL, CSA and other Third Party Approval, Listing or Certification Available

Medium and Heavy Weight Oil — Low watt density reduces the risk of damaging highly viscous fluids. Improve flow ability of fuel oils.

Terminal Enclosure — E1 General Purpose is standard. E2 Moisture Resistant/Explosion Resistant, E3 Explosion Resistant or E4 Moisture Resistant Enclosures available.

Elements — 0.475" diameter steel sheath elements.

Flange — 3 - 14" ANSI B-16.5 Blind flange with 1/2" thermowell for thermostat bulb and a 1/8" NPT threaded opening for a thermocouple or RTD.

Vessel — Pipe body and nozzles are ASTM A53B carbon steel pipe. The end disk is ASTM A516 Grade 70 carbon steel plate. Provided with thermal insulation and painted sheet metal jacket.

Wiring — Convenient field wiring terminals are provided for easy installation.

Controls — Series 03 and 06 stock and assembly stock heaters come equipped with side mounted thermostat. Series 18, 27 and 45 are furnished without thermostat.

WARNING — Hazard of Fire. These devices function as temperature controls only. Because they do not fail-safe, an approved temperature and/or pressure safety control must be used for safe operation. Consult Controls section of this catalog.

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010760 NWHO-3-003P-E1 240V 1-1PH Buy Now
010815 NWHO-3-003P-E1 480V 1-1PH Buy Now
010840 NWHO-3-003P-E1 480V 1-3PH Buy Now
010874 NWHO-3-004P-E1 240V 1-1PH Buy Now
010903 NWHO-3-004P-E1 240V 1-3PH Buy Now
010938 NWHO-3-004P-E1 480V 1-1PH Buy Now
010962 NWHO-3-004P-E1 480V 1-3PH Buy Now
010997 NWHO-3-006P-E1 240V 1-1PH Buy Now
011041 NWHO-3-006P-E1 480V 1-1PH Buy Now
011172 NWHO-6-008P-E1 480V 1-3PH Buy Now
011236 NWHO-6-010P-E1 240V 1-3PH Buy Now
011498 NWHO-6-012P-E1 480V 1-3PH Buy Now
011527 NWHO-6-018P-E1 240V 1-3PH Buy Now
011607 NWHOR-45-090P-E1 480V3P 90KW Request a Quote
014200 NWHO-6-012P-E1 240V 1-3PH Buy Now
023237 NWHO-27-050P-E1 240V 3-3P Buy Now
023253 NWHO-27-050P-E1 480V 3-3P Buy Now
023270 NWHO-27-060P-E1 240V 3-3P Buy Now
023296 NWHO-27-060P-E1 480V 3-3P Buy Now
023317 NWHO-27-070P-E1 240V 3-3P Buy Now
023333 NWHO-27-070P-E1 480V 3-3P Buy Now
080442 NWHO-18-020P-E1 240V 3-3P Buy Now
080450 NWHO-18-020P-E1 480V 3-3P Buy Now
080485 NWHO-18-025P-E1 240V 3-3P Buy Now
080493 NWHO-18-025P-E1 480V 3-3P Buy Now
080522 NWHO-18-030P-E1 240V 3-3P Buy Now
080530 NWHO-18-030P-E1 480V 3-3P Buy Now
080565 NWHO-18-035P-E1 240V 3-3P Buy Now
080573 NWHO-18-035P-E1 480V 3-3P Buy Now
080602 NWHO-18-040P-E1 240V 3-3P Buy Now
080610 NWHO-18-040P-E1 480V 3-3P Buy Now
080645 NWHO-18-045P-E1 240V 3-3P Buy Now
080653 NWHO-18-045P-E1 480V 3-3P Buy Now
086094 NWHOR-45-125P-E1 480V3P Buy Now
086115 NWHOR-45-150P-E1 480V3P 150KW Request a Quote
086131 NWHOR-45-175P-E1 480V3P 175KW Request a Quote
086158 Request a Quote
090253 NWHO-6-015P-E1 240V 1-3PH Buy Now
101995 NWHO-3-003P-E1 240V 1-3PH Buy Now
102234 NWHO-3-006P-E1 240V 1-3PH Buy Now
102250 NWHO-3-006P-E1 480V 1-3PH Buy Now
102357 NWHO-6-008P-E1 240V 1-3PH Buy Now
102496 NWHO-6-010P-E1 480V 1-3PH Buy Now
107510 NWHO-6-015P-E1 480V 1-3PH Buy Now
107529 NWHO-6-018P-E1 480V 1-3PH Buy Now
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