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Chromalox DirectConnect systems bring a safe and reliable technical design for metal-sheathed electric process heating and power controls for heating systems operating at medium voltages (up to 7200 V). These patent-pending, DirectConnect medium voltage electric heating systems capture all the advantages of electric process heat while offering significant cost savings over low voltage, high amperage designs.

DirectConnect medium voltage electric systems slash installation and lifecycle costs while providing pollution-free operation for process heating. Aside from lower costs and clean operation, medium voltage electric heating offers advantages such as:

  • lowered safety concerns (no open flames)
  • stable electricity prices
  • minimal maintenance, and
  • accurate temperature control.

Some brief examples of the markets and applications served by DirectConnect medium voltage systems:

Markets Served Applications
  • Oil and Gas, both on- and off-shore
  • Crude oil and natural gas
  • Petrochemical and Refining
  • Hydrocarbon streams (e.g. propane, butane)
  • Power Generation
  • Fuel Gas, steam, and superheated air
  • Power-to-Heat
  • Hot water and steam boilers
  • Specialty Chemical
  • Industrial gases (e.g. oxygen, hydrogen)
  • Mining
  • Acids and solutions (hydrochloric, citric, phosphoric)
  • Solar
  • Silicon Tetrachloride and Silane

In addition, Chromalox medium voltage systems come with added competitive advantages. Both heating elements and power control systems are tested and approved by independent, internationally recognized third-party laboratories. Also, Chromalox designs and builds all of its own heating elements, providing consistent quality and systems tailored specifically to customer applications.

Chromalox medium voltage systems benefit from 100 years of electric process heat and control experience.

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DirectConnect Process Heaters

DirectConnect medium voltage process heaters drastically reduce installation, operation, and maintenance costs for large process heating demands.

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DirectConnect Control Panels

DirectConnect medium voltage control system up to 7200 V enables advanced control and dry-out capabilities for our MV heating systems.

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DirectConnect Boilers

DirectConnect medium voltage boilers merge the benefits of electric steam generation with the power of medium voltage for reducing installation, operation, and maintenance costs for large loads.

Custom Solutions directconnect heat transfer
DirectConnect Heat Transfer Systems

DirectConnect medium voltage heat transfer systems are perfect solutions for large capacity hot oil, water, and glycol indirect heating applications.