Fuel Gas Conditioning Systems

Fuel Gas Conditioning System 03
Fuel Gas treatment for power generating turbines is crucial for optimizing efficiency of the gas combustion and extending the operating life of the turbine.  Proper heating and filtration of the gas stream is accomplished with a Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid.


Superheating the gas will drive temperature above the dewpoint, eliminating condensate in the system.  Gas filtration will ensure any other contaminant, whether solids or liquids, will be removed prior to entering the turbine.

The Chromalox Advantage

Combining both processes in one skid package saves time, space, and money.  Electric heating provides the best option for superheating as its power is instantly available, has no emissions, and is precisely controlled to only the demand needed.

Chromalox Capabilities

• In-house element manufacturing allows the most efficient, space-saving design possible.
• All welding, pressure testing, and certification are performed in accordance with ASME standards. 
• Chromalox power control can be fully integrated and skid-mounted with the heater for a complete package.
• Engineering design tools include 3D AutoCad, Solid Works, and PV Elite, among others.
• Broadest line third-party certifications available – UL, CSA, ATEX, GOST, INMETRO, IEC, ASME, PED, KOSHA

In addition, please check out Chromalox' standard line of process heaters below as a representative evaluation of what we can offer from an individual component standpoint.

Fuel Gas Conditioning System 03
Fuel Gas Conditioning System

Chromalox is vertically integrated to provide you with the best quality and performance fuel gas conditioning systems on the market. Leverage extensive manufacturing experience, certifications, and a global engineering and service network for your project.