UL/CSA Certification
  • Stainless Steel Pipe Body
  • 0.5 - 3 kW
  • 120 and 240V, Single Phase
  • INCOLOY® Sheath Elements (37 W/In2)
  • General Purpose, Moisture Resistant Terminal, Moisture Resistant/Explosion Proof Enclosure
  • Internal Overtemperature Protection (type K T/C)
  • Process Temperature Sensor in Outlet (type J T/C)
  • Cartridge Heater Design
  • See Catalog Page PDF for more information

High Temperature Gas- INCOLOY® elements and a Stainless Steel vessel enhance safe operation to nearly 1400°F outlet gas temperature in air, gas or steam superheating applications.

Terminal Enclosure — Available with E1 General Purpose or E2 Moisture Resistant/ Explosion Proof.

Cartridge Heater Element — INCOLOY® sheath and spiral wound baffle for efficient heat transfer.

Vessel — Stainless Steel (304) construction of all wetted parts.

Thermal Insulation — High temperature pipe insulation inside protective outer jacket.

Process Control — Accurate process control using a Type J thermocouple located in the heater outlet.

High Limit Sensor — Integral overtemperature protection using a Type K thermocouple located inside the cartridge heating element sheath.

Installation — Compact rugged design permits easy installation.

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024483 GCHCIS-01-0P50-E1 Buy Now
024491 GCHCIS-01-0P50-E1 Buy Now
024504 GCHCIS-01-001P-E1 Buy Now
024512 GCHCIS-01-001P-E1 Buy Now
024520 GCHCIS-01-002P-E1 Buy Now
024539 GCHCIS-01-002P-E1 Buy Now
024547 GCHCIS-01-003P-E1 Buy Now
012394 GCHIS-6-025P-E1 480V 1-3P Buy Now
012407 GCHIS-6-030P-E1 240V 2-3P Buy Now
012415 GCHIS-6-030P-E1 480V 1-3P Buy Now
024037 GCHIS-27-050P-E1 240V 3-3 Buy Now
024045 GCHIS-27-050P-E1 480V 3-3 Buy Now
024053 GCHIS-27-060P-E1 240V 3-3 Buy Now
024061 GCHIS-27-060P-E1 480V 3-3 Buy Now
024070 GCHIS-27-070P-E1 240V 3-3 Buy Now
024088 GCHIS-27-070P-E1 480V 3-3 Buy Now
024096 GCHIS-27-080P-E1 240V 3-3 Buy Now
024109 GCHIS-27-080P-E1 480V 3-3 Buy Now
024117 GCHIS-27-090P-E1 240V 3-3 Buy Now
024125 GCHIS-27-090P-E1 480V 3-3 Buy Now
024336 GCHIS-45-090P-E1 480V3P 90KW Request a Quote
024344 GCHIS-45-125P-E1 480V3P 125KW Request a Quote
024352 GCHIS-45-150P-E1 480V3P 150KW Request a Quote
024360 GCHIS-45-175P-E1 480V3P 175KW Request a Quote
024379 GCHIS-45-200P-E1 480V3P 200KW Request a Quote
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