Hot Oil Systems - CLS-A

Hot Oil Systems - CLS-A
  • Heat Transfer Fluids1 to 750°F
  • 9 - 400 kW (31 - 1,365 Mbh) (Up to 1,200 kW Optional)
  • 240 and 480V, 3 Phase, 60 Hz
  • Pressurized Operation- ASME Certified to 200 psig @ 750°F
  • 300 lb Carbon Steel Construction
  • Long Life 0.475 in. Dia. Steel Sheath Elements
  • High Temperature Centrifugal Pump with Water-Cooled Mechanical Seal
  • Bypass Relief Line Protects System in Case of Blocked Flow
  • Electronic Digital Temperature and Process Control
  • Suction and Discharge Pressure Gauges Monitor Pump Performance
  • NEMA 1 Electrical Enclosure Complete with Circuit Breaker, Contactors, Fusing, Switches, Transformers and Pilot Lights
  • ASME Safety Relief Valve (Set @ 200 psig)
  • External Pressurized Heated Expansion Tank (Optional) with Nitrogen (N2) Purge

Chromalox CLS Hot Oil Heat Transfer Systems are engineered to operate up to 750°F at a pressure of 200 psig. They are used with Syltherm® 800 and other high temperature heat transfer fluids which require heated lines to prevent crystallization of the media and pressurization to operate at temperature.

CLS systems use a pressurized hot expansion tank (optional) that is heated by hot heat transfer fluid flowing through it. The expansion tank is ASME coded for 650°F @ 200 psig with an ASME safety relief valve. Nitrogen (N2) purging is required.

Overtemperature Cutout protects elements and fluid from overheating

Electrical Interlock between pump motor and heating element contactors

Flexible Piping before and after pump absorbs vibration and prevents pump damage from thermal expansion

Inline 0.030 Mesh Strainer protects pump

Full Port Manual Gate Valves on all primary hydraulic piping minimize pressure drop

2 Inch Thermal Insulation around heating chambers minimizes heat loss

16 Gauge Painted Steel Panels on all exposed sides — powder coat heat resistant paint

Chromalox CLS Hot Oil Heat Transfer Systems are ruggedly constructed and completely self contained (except for the optional external expansion tank). All CLS systems come complete with heaters, controls, pump valves, safety devices and necessary plumbing. The high temperature cast steel centrifugal pump is provided with a water cooled mechanical seal designed for continuous operation at a maximum temperature of 750°F. CLS systems are factory tested and ready to operate.

WARNING — In hazardous areas, pipe surfaces could achieve temperatures high enough to cause auto-ignition of the hazardous materials present. Consult Article 500 of the National Electrical Code for further information on the maximum allowable temperatures for a specific application.

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