Water Circulating Temperature Heat Transfer Systems

Water Circulating Temperature Heat Transfer Systems
  • Water and Water/Glycol Solutions to 250°F
  • 4.5 - 24 kW (15 - 82 Mbh)
  • 240 and 480V, 3 Phase, 60 Hz
  • 125 Lb Carbon Steel Construction
  • Heavy Duty 0.430" Dia. INCOLOY® Sheath Elements
  • 3/4 HP Cast Iron Bronze Fitted Centrifugal Pump (30 gpm @ 20 psi TDH)
  • Electronic PID Temperature and Process Control (Dual Display)
  • Built-in Diagnostics with Indicators for Pump Overload, Low Water Pressure and Overtemperature
  • Compact, Portable Cabinet with Casters
  • Features Easy Access Service
  • NEMA 1 Electrical Enclosure with 120V Control Transformer
  • Dual Pressure Gauges Monitor Pressure To and From Process
  • Open or Closed-Loop Cooling (3.8 Ft2 Heat Exchanger)
  • Automatic Air Purge Valve
  • Large Diameter (1-1/2" NPT) Process Piping Connections
  • ASME 125 psig Relief Valve

Chromalox microTHERM™ CMX Series Circulating Water Temperature Controllers are compact, versatile and completely self- contained water heating and cooling systems. The CMX series products can be used in any application where precision temperature control of a heating and cooling water circulation system is needed. They are particularly useful in the plastics industry as mold temperature controllers.

  • Injection Molding Machines - Thermoplastics and Thermosets
  • Platens and Dies
  • Rolls, Laminating and Calendering
  • Pipeline Heating and Tracing
  • Jacketed Vessels and Tanks

The built-in electronic temperature and process controller features separate PID algorithms for heat and cool control modes, dual display of setpoint and process temperatures and simple configuration parameters with alphanumeric cues. Even though microTHERM™ systems are sophisticated and state of the art, they are easy to use and require very little training to program and operate. Standard NPT threaded piping connections provide for convenient hook up to external piping.


  • Alternate Voltages available for 208, 240, and 575V, 3ph, 60Hz and 380 and 415V, 3ph, 50Hz.
  • Alternate Pumps rated 1.5, 3, 5 or 7.5 hp with pumping capacities to 80 gpm @ 70 psi TDH
  • Power Controllers — Electronic Solid State (SCR)
  • Surge Reduction Valve
  • Digital Communication Interface
  • Expanded Open or Closed-loop Cooling
  • High Temperature Operation to 275°F
  • Electrical Enclosure Door Interlock
  • Larger 6.3 Ft2 Cooling Heat Exchanger

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Part # Description  
307418-032 CMX-250-4 240V3PH Request a Quote
307418-033 CMX-250-4 480V 3PH 4.5KW Request a Quote
307418-034 CMX-250-9 240V 3PH 9KW Request a Quote
307418-035 CMX-250-9 480V3PH Request a Quote
307418-036 CMX-250-12 240V3PH Request a Quote
307418-037 CMX-250-12 480V3PH Request a Quote
307418-038 CMX-250-18 240V 3PH 18KW Request a Quote
307418-039 CMX-250-18 480V 3PH 18KW Request a Quote
307418-040 CMX-250-24 240V3PH Request a Quote
307418-041 CMX-250-24 480V3PH Request a Quote
307418-042 CMX-250-4C 240V3PH Request a Quote
307418-043 CMX-250-4C 480V3PH Request a Quote
307418-044 CMX-250-9C 240V 3PH 9KW Request a Quote
307418-045 CMX-250-9C 480V 3PH 9KW Request a Quote
307418-046 CMX-250-12C 240V 3PH 12KW Request a Quote
307418-047 CMX-250-12C 480V3PH Request a Quote
307418-048 CMX-250-18C 240V3PH Request a Quote
307418-049 CMX-250-18C 480V3PH Request a Quote
307418-050 CMX-250-24C 240V 3PH 24K Request a Quote
307418-051 CMX-250-24C 480V3PH Request a Quote
307418-052 CMX-250-36H Request a Quote
307418-053 CMX-250-48H Request a Quote
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