Circular Air Duct Heaters

BTC and BTS Circular Duct Heaters

Circular Air Duct Heaters

  • Easy installation in circular duct sections
  • Heavy gauge galvanized frame with 304L stainless steel sheathed heating elements
  • IP30 integral control panel
  • Standard models with diameters from 125mm to 630mm
  • Power rates of 500W to 18kW
  • Standard voltages of 230V/1PH and 400V/3PH
  • Built-in automatic and manual over temperature cutouts

Model BTC and BTS heaters are designed for mounting in standard and custom circular air ducts. Available in a multitude of power ratings and sizes, model BTC heaters can be designed for any duct heating application. The galvanized steel frame supports standard 304L stainless steel elements, minimizing corrosion from moisture and other contaminates. Standard models are fitted with both automatic and manual reset temperature cutouts to prevent elements from overheating in low airflow situations. The terminal enclosure protects the pre-bussed element terminations and is rated to IP30 ingresss protection.

Built in controls are also available with model BTS models. Controls can be configured with on/off contactor power control or proportional triac power control. Control options also include built in air pressure switch to prevent operation in low/no air flow. Temperature controllers can precisely measure either ambient or duct temperature.

  • Primary Room Heating (Central or Zone)
  • Supplemental Room Heating (Heat Pumps)
  • Air Tempering (Outside Air)
  • Preheating (Make-Up Air)
  • Reheating (Overcooling applications)
  • Industrial and Commercial Buildings

  • SAM 0030P ambient temperature controller
  • SAM 0030E ambient temperature controller
  • PES 0030 adjustible potentiometer
  • PES 2050 adjustible potentiometer
  • SNTG 0060 air stream temperature sensor
  • SNTG 2050 air stream temperature sensor

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