Low Temperature Air Duct Heaters - CABB


Low Temperature Air Duct Heaters - CABB

  • Bottom Terminals
  • 6 - 100 kW
  • 120, 208, 240 and 480 Volt
  • 1 or 3 Phase
  • Rust-Resisting Iron or Chrome
    Steel Sheath Elements
  • 440°F Max. Outlet Air Temp.

  • Sole Heat Source
  • Booster Heater in Process and Comfort Heating Ducts
  • Convert existing Forced Air Dryers and Ovens
  • With Blower and Duct, can be used to Fabricate simple Forced Air Drying Unit

Simple Duct Transition Sections may be used to adapt standard heater sizes to various duct sizes to increase air velocities for better heat transfer, lower sheath temperature and longer element life.

Field Wiring Terminals — Heavy duty 3/8" diameter bolts of either brass (iron sheath units) or Stainless Steel (chrome steel sheath units) with necessary hardware are provided for field wiring connections. Terminals are located on the side for CAB units and on the bottom for CABB units, and should be on the outside of ducting.

Fins of aluminized steel are provided to improve heat transfer to the air.

Elements are individually replaceable.

Terminal Cover Option is available to prevent accidental contact with live electrical terminals (PCN 269720), one (1) required per circuit.

MONEL® Sheath and MONEL® Fins are available for humid conditions. Model TDH heaters, using Fintube® elements are also available. Contact your Local Chromalox Sales office.

Rugged Finstrip® Elements are mounted in a sturdy steel frame with narrow side of elements and fins facing the air flow.

Finstrip® Elements, Exclusive Construction — High-quality, coiled resistor wire is uniformly spaced over the width and length of the Finstrip® element, then embedded in high-grade refractory material which insulates the wire and transfers heat rapidly. Refractory is then compressed to rock hardness and maximum density under tremendous hydraulic pressure to improve heat transfer from coil to sheath. Elements are oven baked at high temperatures to semi-vitrify and mature the refractory. Sheath material is either rustresisting iron or chrome steel.

Sturdy Steel Frame — 14 gauge cold rolled steel painted with high heat resisting black enamel paint.

Internal Electrical Connections are made using a combination of buss bars and jumper straps consisting of either Manganese-Nickel or MONEL®.

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203801 CABB-1211 240V 12KW 3PH Buy Now
203860 CABB-1211 208V 12KW 3PH Buy Now
261120 CABB-752 480V 75KW 3PH Buy Now
261139 CABB-1002 480V 100KW 3PH Request a Quote
261147 CABB-7511 480V 75KW 3PH Buy Now
266407 CABB-5011 480V 50KW 3PH Buy Now
266466 CABB-502 480V 50KW 3PH Buy Now
266546 CABB-611 240V 6KW 3PH Buy Now
266554 CABB-611 480V 6KW 3PH Buy Now
266562 CABB-1211 480V 12KW 3PH Buy Now
266570 CABB-2011 480V 20KW 3PH Buy Now
266626 CABB-252 480V 25KW 3PH Buy Now
266634 CABB-2511 480V 25KW 3PH Buy Now
266642 CABB-4011 480V 40KW 3PH Buy Now
266669 CABB-402 480V 40KW 3PH Buy Now
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