DRA Accessories

DRA Accessories
  • DRA Cable and Plug Kits
  • Third-party certifications: UL Listed, CSA

Cable packages include 25 feet Type SO cable, with either 3-conductors or 4-conductors, depending on the heater requirements. Each cable assembly includes the proper cord (connector). Plugs are not included. All models are factory wired for 3-phase, but can be field wired for single phase, select plug and cord accordingly.

Accessory plugs, listed in this section, are designed to be used with specific ranges of cable diameters. If the plugs are not to be used with Chromalox Cable Kits, check cable manufacturers cable diameter to be sure plug fits selected cable.

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Part # Description  
295427 PLC-2414-4 14/4SO, 15amp, 90°C, Buy Now
295435 PLC-2512-4 12/4SO, 20 amps. 90°C Buy Now
295443 PLC-2510-3 10/3SO, 30amps, 90°C Buy Now
295460 PLC-2508-3 8/4SO, 35amps, 90°C Buy Now
295486 PLC-2506-3 6/3SO, 55amps, 90°C Buy Now
295494 PLC-2506-4 6/4SO, 45amps, 90°C Buy Now
295662 PLC-2512-3 12/3SO, 25amps, 90°C Buy Now
295670 PLC-2514-3 14/3SO, 18amps, 90°C Buy Now
338845 PGL-15-20 250V 20amp 3pole 4wire Buy Now
338853 PGL-15-30 3pole 4wire 250V 30amps Buy Now
338861 PGL-16-30 3pole 4Wire 480V 30Amps Buy Now
338870 PGL-17-30 3pole 4wire 600V 30amps Buy Now
338888 pgn-6-50 2pole 3wire 250V 50amps Buy Now
338896 PGN-15-20 3pole 4wire 250v 20amps Request a Quote
338909 PGN-15-20 3pole 4wire 250V 50amps Buy Now
338917 PGL-3763C 2pole 3wire 600V 50amps Buy Now
338925 PGL-3765C 3pole 4wire 600V 50 amps Buy Now
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