HVH Accessories

HVH Accessories
  • HVH Horizontal or Vertical Discharge Fan Forced Unit Heater Accessories:
       - Power Disconnect Kits
       - Ceiling Swivel Mounting Brackets
       - Wall Swivel Mounting Brackets
       - Fan Kits
       - Thermostat Kits
  • Third-party certifications: CSA, CE

Versatile Mounting Configurations

Vertical Discharge: Recessed fasteners on the rear of the heater cabinet are internally threaded for suspension of unit in the vertical discharge mode with threaded rods.

Horizontal Discharge Ceiling Bracket: The ceiling bracket allows you mount the heater directly to the ceiling or over-head member, simply and easily. The swivel mounting allows you to readily adjust the direction of warm air flow for maximum comfort up to 180˚ rotation.

Wall Mounting Bracket: The wall mounting brackets permits the heater to be rotated to face any direction.

Factory Installed or Field Installation Kits

Summer Fan Switch Kit: Field installable for circulating warm, stratified air. Available for all models.

Thermostat Kit: Field installable on all models. Range 40° to 100°F (4° to 38°C).

Disconnect Switch Kits: Field-installable switch enables power to be disconnected while servicing heater. Mounts on the front of the heater.>

Outlet Screen: Prevents objects from coming in contact with fan

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219416 HVW-1 (HVH Wall Brkt 2-5k) Buy Now
219424 HVW-2 (HVH Wall Brkt 7-15) Buy Now
219432 HVC-1 (HVH Ceiling Bracket 205k) Buy Now
219440 HVC-2 (HVH Ceiling Braket 7-15k) Buy Now
219459 HVS-1 (HVH SAFETY SCREEN 2-5kW) Buy Now
219467 HVS-2 (HVH SAFETY SCREEN 7-20kW) Buy Now
219475 TK-5 (HVH SPST T-STAT) Buy Now
219504 HVF-01 FAN SWITCH (No Relay) Buy Now
219512 HVF-02 FAN SWITCH (24V Relay) Buy Now
219520 HVF-03 FAN SWITCH (120V Relay) Buy Now
219774 HVS-3 (HVH SAFETY SCREEN 25-50kW) Buy Now
219782 HVW-3 (HVH Wall Brkt 7-15) Buy Now
219811 HVC-3 (HVH Ceiling Bracket 7-15k) Buy Now
219820 HVW-4 (HVH Wall Brkt 25-5) Buy Now
219838 HVC-4 (HVH Ceiling Braket 25-5) Buy Now
219491 HDS-1 (HVH 50A Disc Kit) Buy Now
219790 HDS-2 (HVH 80A Disc Kit) Buy Now
219803 HDS-3 (HVH 100A Disc Kit) Buy Now
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