LUH Accessories

LUH Accessories
  • LUH Heater Accessories, Wall or Ceiling Mounted Configurations
  • Wall or Ceiling Mounted Configurations
  • Third-party certifications: UL Listed, CSA

Mounting Brackets

Ceiling and Universal Wall Swivel brackets are optional.

The ceiling bracket lets you mount heater directly to ceiling or over-head member, simply and easily. The swivel mounting allows you to readily adjust the direction of warm air flow for maximum comfort up to 180 degrees.

Optional Features (Factory Installed or Field Installation Kits)

Summer Fan Switch Kit: Field installable for circulating warm stratified air. Available for all models.

Thermostat Kit: Field installable on allmodels. Range 40°F - 100°F.

Power Disconnect Kit: Field installable switch enables power to be disconnected while servicing heater. 63, 80 and 100 Amp models available. Mounts in the back of the heater.

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300484 BRKT-WALL, LUH, 7-25KW, W Buy Now
300492 BRKT-WALL, LUH, 30-45KW, Buy Now
300513 BRKT-CEIL, LUH, 7-25KW, W Buy Now
300521 BRKT-CEIL, LUH,30-45KW, W Buy Now
301129 KIT-THERMOSTAT, LUH-TK-1, Buy Now
303431 KIT-SWITCH, DISCON., LUH, Buy Now
303440 KIT-SWITCH, DISCON., LUH, Buy Now
303458 KIT-SWITCH, DISCON., LUH, Buy Now
303466 WUH-04A, BRKT-CEIL, LUH, Buy Now
303474 BRKT-WALL, LUH, 2-5KW WUH Buy Now
305007 KIT-FAN-SW, LUH/KUH, NO R Buy Now
305058 KIT-FAN-SW, LUH/KUH, 24V, Buy Now
305066 KIT-FAN-SW, LUH/KUH, 120V Buy Now
305074 KIT-FAN-SW, LUH/KUH, 240V Buy Now
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