SDRA Accessories

SDRA Accessories
  • Adjustable Damper
  • High Temperature Flexible Duct
  • 20" Diameter Duct Splice Kit
  • High Temperature Flexible Duct Splice
  • High Temperature Duct Clamp
  • Heater Duct Adapter Ring

AD-16 Adjustable Damper: The adjustable damper can be attached to the intake side of the SuperDragon heaters to reduce the amount of airflow to insure the required air temperature is realized. This is especially important when the unit will be used without flexible duct.

Flexible Duct Splice: The flexible duct splice is designed to splice two or more 25’ lengths of flexible duct to create longer lengths.

Duct Clamp: Stainless steel band is designed to fit over the flexible duct for a secure attachment to the adapter ring or flexible duct splice.

Duct Adapter Ring: Provides a means to attach 20” flexible duct to the intake or outlet of the SuperDragon series heaters. Two are required if using duct on the inlet and outlet for applications where air is recirculated.

FX-20 Flexible Duct: Chromalox heavy duty, flexible duct is constructed of 100% polyester based fabric and is 20” diameter and 25’ long. It is made to resist wear and is suitable for temperatures from -40 to 220˚F. The duct is internally supported with a steel wire helix and can be used on the air intake end of the heater and will not collapse under the negative pressure.

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295865 FX-20 20" FLEX DUCT 25 FT Buy Now
295873 DUCT ACCESSORY,DAR-20,20" Buy Now
295881 DUCT ACCESSORY,FDS-20,20" Buy Now
295890 DC-20 DUCT CLAMP Buy Now
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