Horizontal or Vertical Discharge Fan Forced Unit Heater

Horizontal or Vertical Discharge Fan Forced Unit Heater
  • 2.6 - 50 kW
  • 8,900 – 170,600 Btuh
  • 208, 240, 277, 480, and 600 volt
  • 1 or 3 phase
  • Vertical or Horizontal Airflow
  • Wall or Ceiling Mounted Configurations
  • CSA Certified to US and Canadian Standards
  • CE Certified to European Standards
  • HVH Accessories

The Chromalox HVH self-contained blower heater provides quiet, reliable, fan-forced heat for all types of commercial and industrial applications. The hallmark of the HVH blower heater is its versatility. It can provide vertical or horizontal airflow and can be mounted on walls or ceilings. Optional wall or ceiling swivel mounting brackets help direct airflow exactly where it is needed. Heavy-duty construction affords long, dependable service, while its two-tone gray polyester powder coat finish makes an attractive appearance.

  • Shipping and Receiving Areas
  • Pump Houses
  • Power Generating Stations
  • Aircraft Hangers
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Garages

  • Integral 24V Control Transformer is standard on 480V models and eliminates the need for an external control source( 120V is optional).
  • Heavy Duty Magnetic Contactors are standard on all models except 2.6 thru 5 kW single phase models, except for 480V models.
  • Linear Thermal Cutouts open the control circuit and disconnect power to the heating elements if overheating occurs. Automatic Reset allows the control circuit to reclose and restore power when temperature returns to normal.
  • Field Convertible — Combination 208/240V and 1 or 3 phase operation through 10 kW.

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Mtg Height(Ft.)
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Part # Description  
219096 HVH-02-81-00, 2.6KW,208V, Buy Now
219109 HVH-02-21-00, 2.6KW,240/2 Buy Now
219117 HVH-02-71-00, 2.6KW,277V, Buy Now
219125 HVH-04-81-00 Buy Now
219133 HVH-04-83-34, 4.0KW,208V, Buy Now
219141 HVH-04-21-00, 4.0KW,240/2 Buy Now
219150 HVH-04-23-34, 4.0KW,240/2 Buy Now
219168 HVH-04-71-004.0KW277V1PH Buy Now
219176 HVH-04-43-30, 4.0KW,480V, Buy Now
219184 HVH-05-81-00, 5.0KW,208V, Buy Now
219192 HVH-05-83-34, 5.0KW,208V, Buy Now
219205 HVH-05-21-00, 5.0KW,240/2 Buy Now
219213 HVH-05-23-34, 5.0KW,240/2 Buy Now
219221 HVH-05-71-00, 5.0KW,277V, Buy Now
219230 HVH-05-43-30, 5.0KW,480V, Buy Now
219248 HVH-07-81-34, 7.5KW,208V, Buy Now
219256 HVH-07-83-34, 7.5KW,208V, Buy Now
219264 HVH-07-21-34, 7.5KW,240/2 Buy Now
219272 HVH-07-23-34, 7.5KW,240/2 Buy Now
219280 HVH-07-71-30, 7.5KW,277V, Request a Quote
219299 HVH-07-43-30, 7.5KW,480V, Buy Now
219301 HVH-10-81-34, 10KW,208V,1 Buy Now
219310 HVH-10-83-34, 10KW,208V,3 Buy Now
219328 HVH-10-21-34, 10KW,240/20 Buy Now
219336 HVH-10-23-34, 10KW,240/20 Buy Now
219344 HVH-10-43-30, 10KW,480V,3 Buy Now
219352 HVH-12-83-34, 12.5KW,208V Buy Now
219360 HVH-12-23-34, 12.5KW,240/ Buy Now
219379 HVH-12-43-30, 12.5KW,480V Buy Now
219387 HVH-15-83-34, 15KW,208V,3 Buy Now
219395 HVH-15-23-34, 15KW,240/20 Buy Now
219408 HVH-15-43-30, 15KW,480V,3 Buy Now
219563 HVH-20-23-30 ,20KW,240/20 Buy Now
219571 HVH-20-43-30 ,20KW,480V,3 Buy Now
219580 HVH-20-63-30 ,20KW,600V,3 Buy Now
219598 HVH-25-23-30 -R,25KW,240/ Buy Now
219600 HVH-25-43-30 -R,25KW,480V Buy Now
219619 HVH-25-63-30 -R,25KW,600V Buy Now
219627 HVH-30-23-30 -R,30KW,240/ Buy Now
219635 HVH-30-43-30 -R,30KW,480V Buy Now
219643 HVH-30-63-30 -R,30KW,600V Buy Now
219651 HVH-35-23-30 -R,35KW,240/ Buy Now
219660 HVH-35-43-30 -R,35KW,480V Buy Now
219678 HVH-35-63-30 -R,35KW,600V Buy Now
219686 HVH-40-23-30 -R,40KW,240/ Buy Now
219694 HVH-40-43-30 -R,40KW,480V Buy Now
219707 HVH-40-63-30 -R,40KW,600V Buy Now
219715 HVH-45-23-30 -R,45KW,240/ Buy Now
219723 HVH-45-43-30 -R,45KW,480V Buy Now
219731 HVH-45-63-30 -R,45KW,600V Buy Now
219740 HVH-50-23-30 -R,50KW,240/ Buy Now
219758 HVH-50-43-30 -R,50KW,480V Buy Now
219766 HVH-50-63-30 -R,50KW,600V Buy Now
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