Metal Sheathed Radiant Heaters

Metal Sheathed Radiant Heaters

Sheath Material

Chromalox offers multiple configurations of it's RAD series metal-sheath infrared radiant type heater.  Each configuration offers a set of features designed to fit more specific application requirements.  So if your application requires that wiring is done at one location, we have a hair pin design with both terminals located at one end of the enclosure.  With our almost 100 years of experience, Chromalox understands that each application has a unique set of challenges.   That's why we always try to anticipate those challenges and incorporate design elements that allow for optimal use.

  • Single Heater Mounting
  • Flat Heater Banks
  • Large Oven Sections
  • Formed Ovens
  • Medium Wavelength / Medium Intensity

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