Double Hairpin Element Radiant Heater

Double Hairpin Element Radiant Heater
  • 3.66 kW/ft²
  • 1.6 - 7.2 kW (Double)
  • 120, 208, 240, 275, and 480 Volt
  • 3/8 in. Dia. INCOLOY™ Sheath Elements (Type UTU)
  • 1500°F Max. Sheath Temp.

  • Roll Heating
  • Shrink Fitting
  • Preheat Glass for Polishing, Drying, Sterilizing
  • Fast-MovingWebs and other Applications where High Temperature will not damage materials

Complete, Ready-to-Connect Assembly available in various lengths to accommodate work of varying dimensions.

Movable Mounting Clamps and Bolts are supplied to accommodate many mounting configurations such as banks, tunnels and oven sections.

Process Temperature Control — Radiant heater output may be controlled with Chromalox SCR Power Controllers, Percentage Timing Input Controls and Non-Contact Temperature Sensors. See the Controls section of this catalog.

Additional Sizes and Ratings — Contact your Local Chromalox Sales office for price and availability.

Enclosed Chromalox Alloy-Sheath Tubular Heating Element is completely isolated and supported on secondary insulation for improved electrical safety. Designed for long life, the element is more resistant to hard blows than quartz lamp or tube and open coil types.

Rigid Extruded Aluminum Housing protects heating element from harsh industrial environments.

Highly Polished Aluminum Reflectors give good reflectivity and heat transfer, and are easily cleaned to maintain energy efficiency.

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Part # Description  
110891 U-RAD-22 120V1P 1.600KW Request a Quote
110904 URAD22V 208V 1600W Buy Now
110912 U-RAD-22 240V1P 1.600KW Request a Quote
110920 U-RAD-22V 275V1P 1.600KW Request a Quote
110939 U-RAD-32 120V1P 1.900KW Request a Quote
110947 U-RAD-32V 208V1P 1.900KW Request a Quote
110955 U-RAD-32 240V1P 1.900KW Buy Now
110963 U-RAD-32V 275V1P 1.900KW Request a Quote
110971 U-RAD-33 120V1P 2.200KW Buy Now
110980 U-RAD-33V 208V1P 2.200KW Request a Quote
110998 U-RAD-33 240V1P 2.200KW Request a Quote
111000 U-RAD-33V 275V1P 2.200K Request a Quote
111018 U-RAD-42 240V1P 2.600KW Request a Quote
111026 U-RAD-42V 208V1P 2.600KW Request a Quote
111034 U-RAD-42V 275V1P 2.600KW Request a Quote
111042 URAD-43 240V 2900W Buy Now
111050 U-RAD-43V 208V1P 2.900KW Request a Quote
111069 U-RAD-43V 275V1P 2.900K Request a Quote
111077 U-RAD-44 240V1P 3.600KW Request a Quote
111085 U-RAD-44V 208V1P 3.600KW Request a Quote
111093 U-RAD-44V 275V1P 3.600K Buy Now
111106 U-RAD-52 240V1P 3.300KW Request a Quote
111114 U-RAD-52V 208V1P 3.300KW Request a Quote
111122 U-RAD-52V 275V1P 3.300KW Request a Quote
111130 U-RAD-53 240V1P 3.600KW Buy Now
111149 U-RAD-53V 208V1P 3.600KW Request a Quote
111157 U-RAD-53V 275V1P 3.600K Buy Now
111165 U-RAD-54 240V1P 4.300KW Request a Quote
111173 U-RAD-54V 208V1P 4.300K Request a Quote
111181 U-RAD-54V 275V1P 4.300KW Request a Quote
111190 U-RAD-55 240V1P 5.000KW Buy Now
111202 U-RAD55V 208V 5000W Buy Now
111210 U-RAD-55 480V1P 5.000KW Buy Now
111229 U-RAD-55V 275V1P 5.000KW Request a Quote
111237 U-RAD-62 240V1P 3.800KW Request a Quote
111245 U-RAD-62V 208V1P 3.800KW Request a Quote
111253 U-RAD-62V 275V1P 3.800KW Request a Quote
111261 U-RAD-63 240V1P 4.100KW Request a Quote
111270 U-RAD-63V 208V1P 4.100KW Request a Quote
111288 U-RAD-63V 275V1P 4.100KW Request a Quote
111296 U-RAD-64 240V1P 4.800KW Request a Quote
111309 U-RAD-64V 208V1P 4.800KW Request a Quote
111317 U-RAD-64V 275V1P 4.800KW Request a Quote
111325 U-RAD-65 240V1P 5.500KW Buy Now
111333 U-RAD-65V 208V1P 5.500KW Request a Quote
111341 URAD-65 480V 5500W Buy Now
111350 U-RAD-65V 275V1P 5.500KW Request a Quote
111368 U-RAD-66 240V1P 6.000KW Request a Quote
111376 U-RAD-66V 208V1P 6.000KW Request a Quote
111384 U-RAD-66 480V1P 6.000KW Buy Now
111392 U-RAD-66V 275V1P 6.000KW Request a Quote
111405 U-RAD-72 240V1P 4.400KW Request a Quote
111413 U-RAD-72V 208V1P 4.400KW Request a Quote
111421 U-RAD-72V 275V1P 4.400KW Request a Quote
111430 U-RAD-73 240V1P 4.700KW Buy Now
111448 U-RAD-73V 208V1P 4.700KW Request a Quote
111456 U-RAD-73V 275V1P 4.700KW Request a Quote
111464 U-RAD-74 240V1P 5.400KW Request a Quote
111472 U-RAD-74V 208V1P 5.400KW Request a Quote
111480 U-RAD-74V 275V1P 5.400K Request a Quote
111499 U-RAD-75 240V1P 6.100KW Buy Now
111501 U-RAD-75V 208V1P 6.100KW Request a Quote
111510 U-RAD-75 480V1P 6.100KW Request a Quote
111528 U-RAD-75V 275V1P 6.100KW Request a Quote
111536 U-RAD-76 240V1P 6.600KW Request a Quote
111544 U-RAD-76V 208V1P 6.600K Request a Quote
111552 U-RAD-76 480V1P 6.600KW Request a Quote
111560 U-RAD-76V 275V1P 6.600KW Request a Quote
111579 U-RAD-77 240V1P 7.200KW Buy Now
111587 U-RAD-77V 208V1P 7.200KW Request a Quote
111595 U-RAD-77 480V1P 7.200KW Buy Now
111608 U-RAD-77V 275V1P 7.200KW Request a Quote
113793 U-RAD-5V 275V1P 2.500KW Buy Now
114497 U-RAD-4 480V1P 1.800KW Buy Now
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