Liquid-Tight, Double-Hairpin Element Radiant Heater

Liquid-Tight, Double-Hairpin Element Radiant Heater
  • 3.66 kW/ft²
  • 1.6 - 7.2 kW
  • 120, 208, 240, 275 and 480 Volt
  • 3/8" Dia. INCOLOY® Sheath Elements (type UTU-LT)
  • 1500°F Max. Sheath Temp.

  • Food Processing
  • Water Intake Screens
  • Conveyor Belt Heating
  • Outdoor Comfort Heating
  • Facilities Washdown Operations
  • Winter Applications where element needs to be shielded from strong drafts and wind

Complete, Ready-to-Install and connect assembly.

Movable Mounting Clamps and Bolts are supplied to accommodate many mounting confi gurations such as banks, tunnels and oven sections.

Process Temperature Control — Radiant heater output may be controlled with Chromalox SCR Power Controllers, Percentage Timing Input Controls and Non-Contact Temperature Sensors. See the Controls section of this catalog.

Power Connections are made at both ends, using high-temperature wire.

Liquid-Tight Terminal Enclosure for outdoor or hose-down locations.

Enclosed Chromalox Alloy-Sheath Tubular Heating Element is completely isolated and supported on secondary insulation for improved electrical safety. Designed for long life, the element is more resistant to hard blows than quartz lamp or tube and open coil types. Elements include bulkhead threaded fittings to ensure a water-tight seal.

Rigid Extruded Aluminum Housing protects heating element from harsh industrial environments.

Highly Polished Aluminum Reflectors give good reflectivity and heat transfer, and are easily cleaned to maintain energy efficiency.

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Part # Description  
119263 URAD-22LT 120V 1600W Buy Now
119271 URAD-22LT 240V 1600 W Request a Quote
119280 URAD-22LTV 208V 1600 W Buy Now
119298 URAD-22LTV 275V 1600 W Request a Quote
119300 URAD-32LT 120V 1900W Buy Now
119319 URAD-32LT 240V 1900 W Buy Now
119327 U-RAD-32VLT 208V1P 1.900KW Request a Quote
119335 U-RAD-32VLT 275V1P 1.900KW Request a Quote
119343 URAD-33LT 120V 2200 W Request a Quote
119351 URAD-33LT 240V 2200W Buy Now
119360 URAD-33LTV 208V 2200 W Buy Now
119378 U-RAD-33VLT 275V1P 2.200KW Request a Quote
119386 U-RAD-42LT 240V1P 2.600KW Request a Quote
119394 U-RAD-42VLT 208V1P 2.600KW Buy Now
119407 U-RAD-42VLT 275V1P 2.600KW Request a Quote
119415 URAD-43LT 240V 2900 W Request a Quote
119423 U-RAD-43VLT 208V1P 2.900KW Request a Quote
119431 U-RAD-43VLT 275V1P 2.900KW Request a Quote
119440 U-RAD-44LT 240V1P 3.600KW Request a Quote
119458 URAD-44LT 480V 3600 W Buy Now
119466 U-RAD-44VLT 208V1P 3.600KW Request a Quote
119474 U-RAD-44VLT 275V1P 3.600KW Request a Quote
119482 U-RAD-52LT 240V1P 3.300KW Buy Now
119490 U-RAD-52VLT 208V1P 3.300KW Buy Now
119503 U-RAD-52VLT 275V1P 3.300KW Request a Quote
119511 URAD-53LT 240V 3600 W Buy Now
119520 URAD-53 LTV 208V 3600 W Buy Now
119538 URAD-53LTV 275V 3600 W Buy Now
119546 URAD-54LT 240V 4300 W Buy Now
119554 URAD-54LT 480V 4300 W Buy Now
119562 URAD-54LTV 208V 4300 W Buy Now
119570 URAD-54LTV 275V 4300 W Request a Quote
119589 URAD-55LT 240V 5000 W Buy Now
119597 URAD-55LTV 275V 5000 W Request a Quote
119600 URAD-55LTV 208V 5000 W Buy Now
119618 URAD-55LT 480V 5000 W Buy Now
119626 URAD-62LT 240V 3800 W Request a Quote
119634 URAD-62LTV 208 V 3800 W Buy Now
119642 URAD-62LTV 275V 3800 W Request a Quote
119650 URAD-63LT 240V 4100 W Request a Quote
119669 U-RAD-63VLT 208V1P 4.100KW Request a Quote
119677 U-RAD-63VLT 275V1P 4.100KW Request a Quote
119685 URAD-64LT 240V 4800 W Request a Quote
119693 URAD-64LT 480V 4800 W Buy Now
119706 U-RAD-64VLT 208V1P 4.800KW Request a Quote
119714 U-RAD-64VLT 275V1P 4.800KW Request a Quote
119722 URAD-65LT 240V 5500 W Request a Quote
119730 URAD-65LT 480V 5500 W Buy Now
119749 U-RAD-65VLT 208V1P 5.500KW Request a Quote
119757 URAD-65LTV 275V 5500 W Request a Quote
119765 URAD-66LT 240V 6000 W Buy Now
119773 URAD-66LT 480V 6000W Buy Now
119781 U-RAD-66VLT 208V1P 6.000KW Request a Quote
119790 U-RAD-66VLT 275V1P 6.000KW Request a Quote
119802 U-RAD-72LT 240V1P 4.400KW Request a Quote
119810 URAD-72LTV 208V 4400W Request a Quote
119829 U-RAD-72VLT 275V1P 4.400KW Request a Quote
119837 U-RAD-73LT 240V 4700W Buy Now
119845 U-RAD-73VLT 208V1P 4.700KW Request a Quote
119853 U-RAD-73VLT 275V1P 4.700KW Request a Quote
119861 U-RAD-74LT 240V1P 5.400KW Request a Quote
119870 3RAD-74LT 480V 5400 W Buy Now
119888 U-RAD-74VLT 208V1P 5.400KW Request a Quote
119896 U-RAD-74VLT 275V1P 5.400KW Request a Quote
119909 U-RAD-75LT 240V1P 6.100KW Buy Now
119917 URAD-75LT 480V 6100 W Buy Now
119925 U-RAD-75VLT 208V1P 6.100KW Request a Quote
119933 U-RAD-75VLT 275V1P 6.100KW Request a Quote
119941 U-RAD-76LT 240V1P 6.600KW Request a Quote
119950 URAD-76LT 480V 6600 W Buy Now
119968 URAD-76LTV 208V 6600 W Buy Now
119976 U-RAD-76VLT 275V1P 6.600KW Request a Quote
119984 URAD-77LT 240V 7200 W Buy Now
120002 URAD-77LTV 208V 7200 W Buy Now
120010 U-RAD-77VLT 275V1P 7.200KW Request a Quote
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